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Press statement


    Hotelplan Uk (Inghams, Ski Total and Esprit Ski)  has its full team here in the UK and abroad, working around the clock to bring home our last remaining guests  who have been affected by the recent extreme snowfall and subsequent road closures in the French Alps. Our absolute number one priority is the safe repatriation of all our customers, and as a consequence of the ongoing work, every single affected customer who has been working with our reps on the ground and following their advice will be back at their original UK home airport by this evening. Hotelplan UK has laid on three extra aircraft today at our own cost to repatriate all our remaining guests – two of these have already landed back in the UK and the third returns this afternoon. Our utmost gratitude goes out to all of our affected guests for their patience and cooperation which will enable us to expedite the repatriation and return everyone home safely and quickly.


    Andy Perrin, CEO, Hotelplan UK

  • 29 Dec 14