Snowmobile Safari Magic

James Bond, eat your heart out! I’ve just driven across a frozen lake in Northern Finland on a spectacular snowmobile… got behind the reins of a dog sled on a safari through a forest trail… and spent the night in a hotel made from snow! Oh, and did I mention having a go on an

Snowmobile Magic

Slovenia – our must-see destination this Summer…

Slovenia – our must-see destination this Summer! In this spring month of March our thoughts surely turn to the summer dream? And where better to spend it than in Slovenia? Here’s why you must visit this Summer and with Inghams! Slovenia’s diversity It may only be the size of Wales, but Slovenia contains a remarkable

Summer in Slovenia

Introduction to Lakes & Mountains with Inghams

When we moved to leafy Surrey in June 2012, we were inspired to take a fresh look at our Lakes & Mountains Programme. Our Product and Overseas Team were asked to come up with new holiday ideas, destinations and offers for you. Here are some of my personal favourites which I’d like to share with

Stunning Lake Bled and Island, Slovenia

Where is the best place to go skiing?

Inghams Reservations Manager, Simon McIntyre, answers the unanswerable question! Where is the best place to go skiing? I’ve been asked this five times this week and my answer has been different every time. It’s not an easy one to answer, I’ve been lucky enough to have skied and worked in some amazing places, from Japan