Eurochocolate Festival 2015: #MustaChoc

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Fri Oct 2015

For all chocolate lovers, the pretty medieval town of Perugia will be hosting the 22nd edition ofEurochocolate from 16 to 25 October and this year’s theme is… wait for it… the moustache?! Yes, I kid you not, the jury will choose a winner among participants in a competition for the most stylish chocolate moustache!

The well established festival has a schedule full of events, workshops and, of course, tastings for you to enjoy the sensual taste of chocolate made by small artisans and by the most renowned brands of the sector. Previous festivals have seen the construction of a chocolate igloo from 3,600 kgs of chocolate bricks and the worlds largest chocolate bar weighing in at 5,980 kilograms and measuring over 7 meters in length! I hate to say it, but that’s likely to have even defeated me!

For only 5€, you can also buy the ChocoCard on the event’s website. This card entitles you to receive exclusive discounts and plenty of samples from the festival’s stands which, I’m sure you’ll agree is actually a pretty great deal.

Scheduled events include talks and seminars about the cocoa trade and sustainability, cocoa growing in Ecuador and Brazil, vegan chocolate tasting and much more. There will be fun workshops for children too: chocolate tasting, cake design and chocolate cookie baking!

Local firm Perugina, famous for its little chocolates called ‘Baci kisses’ will also be present. Perugina has managed to become an internationally renowned company thanks to the Baci. Each of these little chocolate and hazelnut confections are wrapped in a short love letter and it is said that the company founder, Luisa, had made them for her lover. Italians have been collecting these little quotes, written in all different languages, for generations!

The company has founded the Casa del Cioccolato Perugina, a museum and chocolate-making school hosted in the premises of the company. The exhibition takes you through the history of the brand and of local chocolate making. At the end of the visit you can take part in a mouth-watering tasting sessions which covers all of the company’s products and you can also follow the entire production process. The museum also organises one-day courses which can be booked online.

In Perugia why not stay at our excellent Hotel Brufani Palace… Perfect for relaxing after a hard day of chocolate tasting, or simply keep an eye on twitter with the hashtag, #Mustochoc!

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