5 reasons to choose a driving holiday in Sicily in October

Weather Sicily benefits from mild weather during most of the year and temperatures are usually particularly enjoyable in October. Typically it’s still warm and sunny, and most importantly you will avoid the summer heat that makes going around during the day particularly tiring and difficult. Especially if you want explore the island, walk around and

Top 10 things to do in Sicily

1. Greek Theatre of Taormina This magnificent remnant of the Greek and Roman ages has one of the most stunning settings imaginable with the Mediterranean Sea and Mount Etna as its backdrop. It was first created around the 3rd century BC to host performances and then transformed by the Romans for games and mock battles.

Handy Italian Words and Phrases

Freelance Travel Writer, Bibianna, has put together some of the best and most useful Italian phrases to use when on holiday there. Yes, in most parts of the world English speakers will get away with communicating just in their own language. In Italy, the number of people who speak English is growing and probably after

A Globetrotters Guide to Italy

One of the reasons that Italy continues to be such a popular holiday choice is because it’s a country that offers everything. There is so much to explore in Italy, from the rich culture and historical sites, to the rolling countryside and stunning natural landscapes. It’s also one of the best places to relax, indulge

Italy on foot: Via Francigena

For centuries, routes through Italy have been traversed as a matter of absolute dedication by millions of pilgrims. In particular, ancient routes in the peninsula have attracted travellers from every corner of Europe. The destination, usually a sacred site, was crucial to each and every one of these, but often the journey itself was of

To the Tricolore! A locals’ guide to Italy

Italy is famous for many things. Rolling hills, fabulous fashion, amazing cuisine and culture unrivalled elsewhere in Europe have helped to see millions of tourists the world over flock to the country, but what do the locals think of life in Italy? From the northern reaches of Piedmont near the Alps to the southernmost tip

The Wine Regions Of Piedmont

As October draws to a close, the landscape of Northern Italy is bathed in the deep rusts of autumn. Imagine those stunning hues folded over the regions infamous rolling vineyards… Add a castle, a rustic village full of wineries, restaurants and a local glass of one of the world’s most celebrated wines to the picture