Top 10 things to do in Sorrento

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  • 1. Duomo dei San Filippo e Giacomo

Duomo di Sorrento, the cathedral dedicated to Saint Philip and Saint James, is situated on Via Santa Maria della Pietà. Visitors will be struck by the beautifully designed architecture. In 1929 the current façade was added, however the doors are antique, dating back to Constantinople in the eleventh century. The three story bell tower is decorated with a clock. There are impressive marble features, an intricate painted ceiling and plenty of wooden decoration. The ceilings and walls of the cathedral are adorned with beautiful paintings of biblical scenes by known Italian painters including Nicola Malinconico and Giacomo del Pó.

  • 2. Pompeii and Herculaneum Tour from Sorrento

Visit the unmissable archaeological ruins of Pompeii and Herculaneum on this day trip from Sorrento. Hear about the famous eruption of Mt Vesuvius in 79 AD, and see the damage up close as you tour the ruins on foot accompanied by a tour guide. Admire the ancient streets of Pompeii and marvel at the perfectly preserved frescoes on the walls of the villas.

  • 3. Basilica di Sant’Antonino

Situated in Piazza Sant’Antonino is one of the largest churches in Sorrento, the Basilica di Sant’Antonino. It was built in honour of the city’s patron saint, St. Anthony the Abbot. The church and the portal on the right side date back to the eleventh century. The nave and side aisles are divided by recycled ancient columns. A painting on the nave ceiling was signed and dated by Giovan Battista Lama in 1734.

  • 4. Guarracino Fruit Bar

A bar with excellent food and outdoor seating, with herbs growing in beds around the tables. Various typical Italian dishes on offer including lasagne, Caprese salad, risotto or gnocchi. Food is always prepared with Italian style and flair.

  • 5. Marina Grande – Antico Borgo Marinaro

An authentic Italian harbour with views to Mount Vesuvius. Marina Grande Sorrento is quaint and historic, rows of pastel painted houses overlook the coast. The locals hang out their clothes from windows on the hillside, and in the centre there is a small yet impressive church called St Anne’s, which is a must visit.

  • 6. Cook for fun in Sorrento

The cooking school offers various courses in the kitchen (situated the Resort Esperidi) to teach you how to cook like a real Italian chef. The course will give you the opportunity to try the dishes that make Italian cuisine unique and world famous, and also to learn the secrets of recreating these dishes in your own home. Single day and multi-day courses are available.

  • 7. Amalfi drive

Take a leisurely evening drive from Sorrento enables you to enjoy a beautiful drive along the well-known Amalfi Coast to reach Positano. The views from the drive are breath-taking, dazzling and inspiring the imagination at every turn of the road. Look around the town’s quaint boutiques before dining at a beach restaurant for a three course dinner.

  • 8. Bagni della Regina Giovanna

Regina Giovanna is an ideal swimming location for locals and tourists alike. Situated near the city centre of Sorrento, but far enough away to escape the hustle and bustle. Regina Giovanna is never too crowded, the sea is clear and the views are some of the best in the area: Sorrento and the whole peninsula is visible to one side, the island of Capri to the other.

  • 9. Chiostro di San Francesco

A religious land mark, and respite from the hustle and bustle of Sorrento. The Cloister of St. Francis dates back to the fourteenth century. It is one of the oldest monuments of the city. Having undergone several changes, it has a very impressive eclectic style. Also incorporated into its structure are remnants of pagan temples and materials from other ancient settlements. The arches are supported by columns with plant motifs.

  • 10. Museo Cappella Sansevero

The Sansevero Chapel Museum in the centre of Naples is a treasure of the world’s artistic heritage. Here, baroque creativity, national pride, elegance and intrigue blend to create an individual and unmistakable atmosphere. With its masterpieces such as the famous Veiled Christ, known world over for the tissue-like quality of the marble, the Sansevero Chapel is one of the most striking monuments in the area. 

Food and drink

Experience Sorrento in the quintessentially Italian way, through cuisine! No trip to this beautiful region of Italy is complete without sampling Gnocchi, or a Caprese salad during a day of sight-seeing. Perhaps take in a romantic four course meal at a beach restaurant after a scenic drive along the Amalfi coast to Positano. If you’re feeling creative, sign up for a cooking class with a professional chef and enjoy the fruits of your labour with a glass of local wine.

History and Culture

The cultural offerings of the region of Sorrento are innumerable. Whether you’re interested in art or sculpture, historical sites or religious buildings, there will be something for you. Touring the ancient ruins of Pompeii, devastated by the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 79 AD, is an unmissable experience. Visitors may also enjoy viewing the classical art which is housed in many of the wold-famous galleries in the region. The Basilica di Sant’Antonino is beautifully adorned and well known for being the largest church in Sorrento.