Active family holidays in Lucerne

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All around Lake Lucerne are a great many activities and excursions available for all the family to take part in and enjoy. Below I have detailed some of the highlights, for those who enjoy an active element to their holiday.

Mount Pilatus

This is probably the most famous mountain by the lake. Aside from its incredible walking routes and famous history, the mountainside is dotted with exciting activities.

At the very end of the first cable car, upon exiting, is a tree top rope park and a 5-minute walk to the right will bring you to a 1.5km metal luge track built into the side of the mountain. Both of these are huge amounts of fun and add to the Pilatus experience. The rope park takes about an hour and a half to finish, while the luge track is around 20 minutes.


There are various ways to travel around the lake: boat, bus and train. But a slightly smaller (yet no less enjoyable) alternative is to hire a Pedalo for a couple of hours. These are available in Lucerne and Weggis, giving people the opportunity to work together to explore the lake and take in the amazing views.

Mini Golf

If you are after some friendly competition between the family, then this a no brainer and entertaining activity for all ages. There are 2 courses located around the lake. The first is an 18-hole extravaganza next to the Transport Museum. It’s only a 5-minute bus ride outside Lucerene.

The second is a lakeside course in the town of Brunnen, which is 45 minutes by train or 2 hours by boat from Lucerne. Both have great facilities and provide an alternative to walking and mountain climbing.

Mount Titles

This is the highest mountain in the region, stretching to over 3000m. As a result, there are the summit has slightly different weather conditions. During your ascent you’ll see a few hidden gems. Firstly, at the middle stop on the first cable car, you will find Lake Trubsee.

This is a 5-minute walk from the station and is well worth walking around. It will take you about 45 minutes to circle and you will be greeted with stunning views en route. The other option is to hire a rowing boat and explore the lake by water.

The very top of Titlis is covered in snow and you will likely see people skiing! There is a lot to see and do at the summit of this mountain including, an ice cave, a suspension bridge, and (most fun of all) the snow tubing.

If you jump onto the Ice Flyer chair lift, you will be brought over to another part of the mountain where there is a small ski slope. Here you will find yourself surrounded by inflatable tubes and snow bikes. After choosing your method of transport you can make your way to the bottom as fast or as slow as you like. Best of all, this is all included in your ticket.

With so much to see and do, Lucerne is the perfect destination for an active adventure with your family. I hope that I will have the chance to see you here soon!

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