Events at Malcesine Castle: From most popular wedding venue to medieval marvel

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Wander through the cobbled, labyrinth of Malcesine’s streets and you can easily lose yourself in a daydream of olden days and bygone eras. Imagine the horses and carts weaving through the streets up to the castle on the rock – the epicentre of Malcesine’s history since the Langobards built it in the 5th and 6th centuries.

Today, the castle is home to an interactive museum about Lake Garda and the Monte Baldo mountains. There are also detailed exhibits about the history of the castle and its rulers over the years. However, there is another purpose to the castle these days too – weddings!

Malcesine Castle is the most popular wedding venue on Lake Garda. Seeing wedding guests make their way up the hill to the castle is an everyday occurrence to. Men overheat in their smart suits as women struggle through the cobbled streets in high heels. Sometimes there are as many as four weddings a day!  A round of applause greets the newly-weds as they return to the centre of Malcesine, travelling in a stylish, little, wedding tuk-tuk.

As well as wedding ceremonies, the castle hosts many other events for the entertainment of both locals and tourists. From lively castle parties, to food and wine evenings, to weekly opera performances – there is always something going on at the castle! Most recently, our daydreams of olden times came alive. In the castle and across the whole town, Malcesine spent two days celebrating medieval times.

The beautiful public gardens were transformed into a medieval market where you could buy swords and armour. Ok – I admit – perhaps not of the real variety, but brilliant if you use your imagination! You could also find different pendants and stones to ward off evil spirits or heal ailments. There were also medieval games you could try out among the market stalls.

Meanwhile, people of the medieval ages invaded the Malcesine Castle! All ages participated in the event. Children joined the fun by dressing up in typical medieval clothes and armour. Visitors explored the castle trying their hand at archery and watching armour and falconry displays. Different shows were ongoing throughout the festival with performances from jesters, flag waving and even armoured knights jousting!

It could have so easily been a daydream. Just as suddenly as the festival started, Malcesine returned to the present day with a bang – literally! The medieval festivities culminated in the town’s annual celebration of the festival of St Anna. Fireworks exploded off the iconic castle on the rock and sprinkled their magic dust all over the town and lakeside.

We cannot wait to welcome you to the magical town of Malcesine so that you can share in these amazing holiday moments with us!

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