Fantastic Walks For Your First Day In Kranjska Gora

Posted on July 30, 2015 in Inghams Lakes & Mountains Slovenia Summer Destinations by Kevin.Holland Tags: , , , , ,

Kranjska Gora is home to many different walks which allows you to decide whether you would prefer an easy, gentle stroll, or a more taxing hike to the very peaks of the surrounding mountains. It is always nice to start your holiday with some of the more gentle walks first. These are two wonderful walks in Kranjska Gora that are easily manageable in a single day. Neither are particularly strenuous, but they are both incredibly picturesque.


One of my favourites is the route leading to the stunning alpine Jasna Lake, which is located 2 km from the centre of Kranjska Gora. Starting from the centre of the village you can walk along the road to Vršič mountain pass and you’ll reach the lake in roughly half an hour. Once you reach the lakes you can either circle them or simply enjoy the views of Razor and Prisank, the highest mountains across the lake.

The bronze statue at the lake is of the famous golden horned goat from which one of many legends says… ‘Once upon the time in the hearth of the Julian Alps lived a golden horned goat called Zlatorog (Golden Horn). He lived in a garden high up in the mountains where he guarded an enormous hidden treasure. A greedy hunter heard about the treasure and its guard and he shot Zlatorog. The hunter was not aware of the mysterious powers of the goat and the flower that grew out of the animals blood – therefore restoring the life to the animal.

Zlatorog was so angry at being shot that he first killed the hunter and then, in his rage he destroyed his own mountain paradise. After this, he disappeared never to return again and his treasure has remained hidden in the mountains ever since. If you are lucky you might find the treasure which is still hidden here…’


This is another very scenic walk that takes you to Podkoren village and back along route numbers 3 and 4. The start of the walk is located between the Bus Station and Kaja Cake shop where you cross the field and the Sava river until you reach the sign for the start of the walk. I would recommend that you walk there along route 4 and then come back along the river on route 3. The walk would take about 2 hours and in total, is 8 km long.

The walk will take you across meadows and pastures where you can enjoy some stunning views across the Julian Alps. When you reach the village after a 1 hour walk there’s a great offortunity for refreshment or something to eat in the many restaurants in the village before you head back. Podkoren village used to be, from the 15th century, a toll station on the steep road up to the Koren mountain pass and this pass has, for centuries, been the shortest and most direct link from Slovenia to Austria in this region.

Words by Katja Bobnar, Resort Representative in Kranjska Gora.