The glaciers of Loen, Norway

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Once you reach Loen, you must visit the Briksdal glacier. Dream World Cruise Destinations magazine voted this natural wonder as one of the best attractions in the world. It is only 28km away from Loen and it has attracted swathes of tourists for over 100-years.

The Briksdal glacier is an arm of the Jostedalsbreen, which is the largest glacier on continental Europe. The top of the Briksdal glacier reaches as high as 1200m above sea level. A sight of supreme natural beauty, it is protected as a national park. The glacier is a huge mass of permanent snow and ice, slowly moving above the fjords of this part of Norway, creating an ice cold lake and river with a typical milky blue colour.

To reach the glacier you either use the 3km long walking path or simply jump into “troll cars” that take you virtually to the top of Briksdal. On the way to Briksdal you can observe the centuries long history of the glacier. If there is a long winter with lots of snow, followed by a cold summer, then the glacier has been known to grow. However, visible signs show how much the glacier has retreated over the years.

The area is replete with beautiful scenery. Waterfalls, potholes, rocks, rivers, the higher you get the more wonders you see and the vast landscape stretches out before you. When you finally reach the glacier, you can feel the raw power of nature. The ice has been there for thousands of years and the atmosphere takes your breath away.
In addition to Briksdal, there are two more arms of the Jostedalsbreen massive – the Bodal and Kjenndal glaciers. Both are well kept secrets, predominantly visited by Norwegians, and mostly untouched by human hands. Bodal and Kjenndal are more secluded destinations than Briksdal, and have the appearance of a Lord of The Rings landscape.

The journey to Bodal and Kjenndal is an experience in itself. You travel from Loen through pure wilderness and spectacular natural scenery. On the way you will encounter the mysterious Lovatnet Lake. The lake has a vivid turquoise colour and is as still as a mirror, reflecting the surrounding mountains and waterfalls. The beauty of the place is difficult to describe with words. It is so magical and surreal you have to see it with your own eyes.

Don’t miss your opportunity to visit the wonderful area Loen, make sure to visit Norway soon!

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