Grindelwald Highlights

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Returning to Grindelwald this summer I felt like I was coming home. Switzerland, and particularly Grindelwald, is easily the most welcoming and accommodating place I’ve ever been to, which is why I couldn’t say no to another summer here.

Even after spending six months here last summer, I still feel like I’ve only just scratched the surface of things to see and do here. I have a list as long as my arm of activities I would like to experience and places I would like to visit.

When I first arrived in Grindelwald, everybody told me: “once this place gets under your skin, you can’t leave”, and it’s true. The people, the views, the food, and the hiking – I fell for it all. Even the public transport was a breath of fresh air. It’s efficient, it’s clean, it’s quiet, and (most of all) it’s reliable. The complete opposite of what you’d expect in the UK.

I couldn’t wait to get out and experience this amazing resort all over again. Here are just some of the highlights I have discovered so far in Grindelwald:

1)      Walking through the Lauterbrunnen valley and catching the train to Kleine Scheidegg via Wengen. In my opinion the best Rosti in Switzerland is found in Kleine Scheidegg. The views from this train along this route are also some of the best in the area. Make sure you have your cameras at the ready!

2)      Riding the paddle steamer on Lake Thun. There are various different places you can explore around the lake. However, the cute little town of Thun is my favourite. The old cobbled streets are full of history and, winding up the hill, lead to the dramatic, turreted castle. The views from up here are absolutely beautiful.

3)      The Schilthorn. When we visited, it was cloudy but the view from this revolving restaurant was still very impressive. The snow was settled on the mountainside and the view above the clouds was full of ethereal drama. The food in the restaurant is extremely good quality and great value too. It’s somewhere I highly recommend.

4)      Cycling to Iseltwald around Lake Brienz. Perched on a distinctive peninsula sticking out into the vibrant, blue glacial waters of the lake, Iseltwald is a very pretty and traditional little village with a charming natural harbour. The gentle cycling around the shore of the lake is a very pleasant way to spend the day. Make sure to pack sandwiches for a picnic at one of the many viewpoints en route.

5)      Visit the breath-taking Trümmelbach falls. The glaciers above the Eiger and Jungfrau mountains feed this impressive series of waterfalls. Narrow, winding pathways help visitors to explore the rocky outcrops carved by centuries of erosion. There is currently a lot of glacier melt water because of the warm temperatures we’re having, making the falls particularly powerful at the moment

6)      And walking through the Lauterbrunnen again (just because it’s so beautiful)…

I am really looking forward to seeing some familiar faces (and some new ones) in Grindelwald this summer. I can’t wait to share my passion for the area with you!

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