The Lake Bohinj International Wildflower Festival 2017

Posted on May 30, 2017 in Lakes & Mountains Slovenia by Masa Osabnik in Lake Bohinj Tags:

The 11th International Wild Flower Festival is currently taking place in Lake Bohinj. Running from 26 May until 11 June, the festival attracts people from all over Slovenia and, of course, around the world to the Bohinj valley to admire the flower rich pastures.

Alpine wild flowers are stunning at the end of May and at the beginning of June and the mountains and meadows are covered with the delicate blossoms of wild flowers, some of which grown only in the Slovenian Alps.

There are around 70 known types of flower which are endemic to Slovenia, and the immediate surroundings. The Iris of Bohinj (Iris cengialti) is the symbol of the festival and one of the most beautiful local flowers. The area has a diverse flora and the richness of flora also invites butterflies and bees.

The festival programme includes many guided botanical tours, with a focus on cooking with the flora. An open kitchen, themed local market, concerts, workshops for adults and children, outdoor yoga, exhibitions and much more all feature as part of the celebrations.

Some of the guided tours even take to the high pastures – the planinas. Here the countryside is dotted with houses that used to shelter shepherds. During the spring, the pasture is full of Gentians, Mountains Avens, Alpine Ground Cistus and late in the season we also find Alpine Vanilla Orchid and Edelweiss.

The Bohinj Valley is perfect for hiking and spending time outside. The beautiful clear lake and stunning mountains are the perfect holiday backdrop. The cable car Vogel easily carries you to the mountain top (1535m) from where you can view the picture perfect lake and the peaks of the Julian Alps, still covered in snow.

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