Scuba diving in Lake Garda

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As may know, scuba diving is a form of underwater swimming where you use oxygen tanks to breathe underwater. (And pretend to be a fish for the day… or maybe that’s just me!) Regardless, it’s a fun pastime and can be done all over the world – exploring deep, dark and beautiful caves; prospecting forgotten WW1 shipwrecks off the coast of Sharm El Sheik; or floating around, admiring the amazing colors of beautiful coral reefs.

Naturally, scuba diving isn’t for everyone. The pressure and the feeling of scuba diving can sometimes feel uncomfortable. But for those who share a passion for scuba diving, they need to head to Lake Garda soon, the area is an underrated destination for passionate divers.

Underwater, Lake Garda is a massively picturesque place, reflecting its absolutely stunning above ground scenery with its gorgeous mountains and ancient castles. The water can become a little murky the deeper you dive, or if it has rained in the past day or two. Nevertheless, there are many treasures and secrets to find beneath the lake’s surface.

Lake Garda stretches 51km (32 miles) north to south, and is approximately 18km (11 miles) wide at its widest point. The maximum depth of the lake is 348m. Generally, if you are visiting the lake to dive, I would recommend heading to the northern side of the lake towards Riva del Garda and Torbole.

In the north, one of the more popular diving sites is the Port of St Nicolo where the shallow water rapidly gives way to a sheer drop. Don’t be flustered by the fairly murky water and the depth. There are many ropes and cables available to help you navigate to various points.

At this mysterious point of the lake you can find the Statue of the Silent Christ, a stunning monument created by a local artist called Germano Alberti. The statue is a massive. At 20-foot tall it dwarves any divers swimming past it. Similarly, there is a nativity scene close to the shoreline of Torri Del Benaco.

A number of treasures from different periods are also visible lake bed. These treasures range from Venetian galleys, the remains of the long period of domination of the Republic of Venice, to a warship discovered during the latest survey campaign by the University of Parma. These treasures are generally very deep and can be found around Malcesine, Riva del Garda and Salo.

Although you may not immediately think of Lake Garda when you think of the world’s greatest scuba diving destinations, the lake provides an incredible variety of diving experiences and underwater sights. The lake has much to offer in terms of natural beauty both above and below the water and I recommend to anyone who has chosen to visit Lake Garda this summer.

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