Seefeld’s Festivals and Events

Posted on August 9, 2017 in Austria Lakes & Mountains by Hannah Nicholls in Seefeld Tags: , , , , ,

The summer festival season is in full swing in Seefeld, with events filling the town’s calendar. Every week we have the most incredible farmers’ markets. We try our hardest not to spend all our money on their incredible produce: it’s far too easy to gain 50lbs or to stink out the whole apartment with mountain cheese!

One of my favourite events of the summer so far was the annual strudel festival. Held throughout the town, everywhere you turned there was more and more strudel! Every imaginable flavour of filling was available and even some you’d think didn’t belong in strudel. Everyone we tried was delicious. There was traditional apple strudel, wild berry strudel, fruit and nut strudel as well as savoury strudels. There was even a pulled pork strudel, which sounds strange, but was honestly my favourite! All of these delicious strudels were provided by local restaurants. And the best part was that they were all only €1.00 per slice!

Strudel was only part of the festival. What sort of a festival would it be without music filling the streets? Bands in all corners of the town played traditional Austrian songs. The main band in the town centre was accompanied by very talented dancers, all dressed in beautiful Lederhosen and Dirndls.

I could’ve easily spent the whole day enjoying the sun and strudel, but unfortunately for me I’m not on holiday and I had to get back to work! I left the festivities to the locals and holiday makers to enjoy, but not before calling home and making my mum extremely jealous.

I feel as though I have mentioned strudel a million times now – so onto something else (hopfully this will stop me from feeling so hungry).

Another spectacular event is the town parade, filling Seefeld with beautiful music. The parade takes you through the town, past awe-struck crowds with their cameras at the ready, to the bandstand. Afterwards, a huge concert is performed for everyone to enjoy, usually followed closely by copious amounts of food, drinks and locals showing off their best dance moves!

There’s always something new each week and we have definitely been making the most of them. Every week is different and packed with events that undoubtedly deserve a place on your summer bucket list.

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