From Slovenia To Italy: Cycling To The Laghi Di Fusine

Posted on July 29, 2015 in Inghams Lakes & Mountains Slovenia Summer Destinations by Kevin.Holland Tags: , , , , , ,

Kranjska Gora lies in the North West corner of Slovenia, only 4km away from Austria and 7km away from Italy. It’s a running joke here that if you go for a long walk you could end up in another country but if you rent a bicycle that makes crossing the border even easier!

There’s a cycle path that you can take to the Austrian border but you need to traverse a mountain pass on the way so I think that a much better option is to cycle to Italy and to Belopeska jezera or Laghi di Fusine (as they are called in Italian language).

This is my favourite cycle path and quite simply, I love it because it is mainly on flat terrain so there’s no tricky ups and down on the mountain, the scenery is amazing and at the end, you can order some fantastic Italian lunch like polenta with mushrooms and perhaps a crisp glass of wine or a shot of grappa to go with it.

The route is very picturesque and it leads along an abandoned railway route which has been transformed into a cycle path and it is almost entirely isolated from motor traffic. It is 12 km long one way and up until the final kilometre, there is no demanding ascent. There are also plenty of inns and pleasant resting areas along the way where you can have some refreshments. There are numerous places in Kranjska Gora from where you can rent a bicycle, helmet and lock for a safe and comfortable journey.

It will take 7 km to reach the border with Italy though the cycle path could take you all the way to the town called Tarvisio, so do make sure that you don’t miss the turning for the lakes. The ascent takes place next to the creek which provides natural air conditioning to cool you whilst you work your way up.

There are two lakes under Mangart mountain, the first one has beautiful view to the mountains at the back and a lakeside bar where you can order a delicious Italian coffee, ice cream or something more substantial for lunch. There are marked walks around both lakes but if you just prefer to stroll around the first lake, this will take you roughly half an hour.

Words & images by Katja Bobna, Resort Representative in Kranjska Gora.