Bellagio – Pearl of the Lake

So, I’ve been on the lake for three weeks now and I have come to the conclusion that, after seeing all of the resorts that I can possibly see in three weeks, Bellagio is my favourite surrounding the stunning Lake Como. Not only is it beautiful, but as you take the ferry across from Cadenabbia

Chasing dragons in the Wildschönau

The story goes: “Once upon a time, the Wildschönau valley used to be one large lake. A dragon lived in the lake, terrifying the local population. One day a brave farmer decided to face the dragon and managed to trick it and kill it. Whilst falling to its death, the dragon bit into the Wildschönau

Idyllic Stilluptal

There are rare occasions in life where a view is simply so pleasing to the eyes that ones other senses cease for a few brief moments.  The Stillup Valley, Mayrhofen, Zillertal is a location of such beauty that this effect has been known to occur. There are not many places left in the world that

Salzburg: ‘These Are A Few Of Our Favourite Things…’

As a massive “Sound of music” fan, Salzburg is one of my all time favourite places in Austria. I remember many rainy Sunday afternoons spent watching Julie Andrews prancing around fountains and climbing hills and wishing I would get the chance to one day visit all of those places. My mum and I would sing

Filzmoos’ Dachstein Glacier

We’re lucky in Filzmoos to have one of Austria’s most iconic mountains right on our doorstep. Off to the east, above the village of Ramsau am Dachstein (which you can get to via the Filzmoos Wonderbus) we have the 2995 meter high Hoher Dachstein mountain range with the Gosau Glacier tucked away within the mountains.

Salzburg Airports’ Best Kept Secret

Jack Collins, our representative in Filzmoos this summer tells us all about Salzburg Airports’ best kept secret! Last Saturday I discovered that I had a couple hours free between transporting my guests to Salzburg airport for their morning departures and my first arrivals on our afternoon Birmingham Flight (which incidentally, was due to land at 15:05).

Hugo’s all ’round!

Since coming to Austria, there are quite a few things I have taken back to my native England and forced upon my friends and family, one being my favourite drink of the summer, the Hugo. This delicious prosecco based drink is perfect for a sunny afternoon on the decking or by the shores of a

Roll out the red carpet at the Schloss Lebenberg….

When people ask me to describe my recent trip to Kitzbühel, there’s only one word that comes to mind….stunning! It starts with the picturesque descent into Innsbruck valley, listed as one of the top 10 airports to fly into, and you can understand why. With the breathtaking views over the Austrian alps and the steep