Top 3 Hiking Routes In Filzmoos.

It’s difficult to pick which are the best places to go in Filzmoos when there are so many different walks available. With over 200 kilometres in the area and several mountains surrounding the village it was such a difficult choice picking my three favourites to personally recommend during your stay. Unterfofalm & Almsee Lake Every

Bank Holidays In Austria

A holiday to Austria in summer is an unforgettable experience: breathtaking mountains, snow capped peaks, rolling meadows full of colourful flowers, cows lowing peacefully in the alpine pastures, stunning hikes, beautiful lakes, and undoubtedly delicious food. Austria also has a very rich culture and history, celebrated across the nine provinces in different ways. Summer in

150 Years of The Filzmoos Village Band

There is less than a month to go until one of the biggest events in the Filzmoosian calendar! This year marks the 150th year since the creation of the costume band in Filzmoos, ‘Die Filzmooser Trachtenmusikkapelle’ and to celebrate, there will be 2 days of live music in the centre of the village!  Playing locally

The Man, the Myth, the Legend….Who was St Wolfgang?

St Wolfgang was the bishop of Regensburg in the 10th century AD, when, being frustrated with mankind’s propensity towards vice, and with the threat of a civil war, he decided to seek solace in nature. He went first to the beautiful Abbey in Mondsee, where he had many discussions with the Abbot. Soon, he decided

The highlights of Lake Constance

Lake Constance is a lake on the Rhine on the northern foot of the Alps. It shares its shores with Austria, Switzerland and Germany. We have 4 hotels situated around Lake Constance, the Barbarossa and Steigenberger in Konstanz town, Seehotel am Kaiserstrand in Lochau and Reutemann Seegarten and Bayerischerhof in Lindau. Spreading my time around these

Bavarian Fairytale Castles

The Inghams Team, Liz and Mike in Seefeld and Bethany in Götzens, Austria have sent us a great blog post to tell us about one of the wonderful excursions you can go on when on holiday in these resorts: If you are staying in Götzens or Seefeld with Inghams, why not take a break for a

Austria – The Alternative Summer Holiday!

Her parents chose the holiday but much to her surprise, 24 year old Leela Jackson finds bliss on her one week trip to Austria…. I was longing for sun, sea and sand, when my adventurous parents surprised my sister and I by selecting Söll, an idyllic resort in the Tyrolean area of Austria, as the destination for our next family

Suprising Soll

The Hidden Gems of Austria

Famous for The Sound of Music, spatzel and schnapps, it’s easy to assume you’ve already explored everything Austria has to offer. However, despite its relatively small size compared to its neighbouring countries of Germany and Italy, Austria is full of hidden gems for the explorer in you to discover. With a rich and varied history,