Summer festivals in Mayrhofen

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When the summer reaches full swing, Mayrhofen comes alive with the sound of music, plenty of traditional, local brass bands, and the most delicious food from across the Zillertal valley. From festivals for bikers, and celebrations for firemen, to simple street parties to get the locals together, there has been a lot to enjoy this summer.

One of the most popular festivals is the Krapfenfest, held in the stunning village of Schwendau just 5-minutes’ drive from Mayrhofen. Hidden amongst the fruit trees and rural farm houses, this traditional festival is hosted by the local farmers. This year has been an important one for the Krapfenfest as they have been celebrating 10-years of this annual festival!

Krapfenfest, otherwise known as Donutstfest, is a fun way to get all the local people together. Celebrations consist of eating sweet treats filled with delicious jams as well as fine grills, and homemade cakes.  There are all sorts of activities to keep you entertained: a playground for children and carriage rides around the village. The best part is – admission is free!

The local bands start playing from 11am and perform right up to the evening. The bands playing in this event are some of the best bands from the Zillertal Valley. Visitors come from far-and-wide to hear them play. It is a fun event for all the family and it’s delightful to see the locals dressed traditionally in their Lederhosen and Dirndls.

Our guests have absolutely loved the festivals this summer, and have really got into the local, traditional spirit. Up and down the streets, hundreds of happy guests and locals danced around, watching the parades, and happily snapping photographs to take back home and show the family.

I’m looking forward to enjoying the next few weeks of summer sun and musical bands. I can’t wait for next summer already, especially the summer festivals in Mayrhofen, and to enjoy the amazing festivals all over again!

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