Why You Should Visit Garda

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Why should I visit Garda?

Last year, so many people asked me this question.  So this is why I think you should visit Garda!

Ultimately, it sits smack bang in the very centre of Lake Garda itself and as such is a fantastic location to both stay and to get out and explore.

From Garda you can travel on ferries in both directions and truly get a feel for the lake. So where to go? I hear you say. Well these are my top 3 places to visit from Garda

1. Bardolino  

Famous for the pink grape and only a stone throw away, is the picturesque town of Bardolino, a great place to see and so easy to get there with 3, yes 3 ways to do it. An evening in Bardolino is my recommendation and why not do this when the symphonic Orchestra are playing outside the church? Accompanied by an amazing choir it’s a truly outstanding performance. Bardolino also has no shortage of restaurants to enjoy, my favourite being pizzeria Bardolino, you can kind of guess what they make best.

So how do I get there I hear you say…

Firstly you can simply wander along the lakeside promenade and enjoy the breath-taking views along the way or even enjoy a stop off with a tonne of beaches and a whole host of water sports you can truly make a day of it as you head down to Bardolino.

Second is the bus, and it’s a short distance with the frequent and very economical bus service along the lake side.

Thirdly then, the ferry! It’s only one stop and get you out on the water where you can get some picture perfect moments looking in on the resort you are staying in as well.

2. Gardone Riviera  

Jump on a ferry and head across to the stunning resort of Gardone Riviera which hosts the famous hotel that was a regular haunt of the wonderful Winston Churchill, so much so in fact that they named the bar Winnies bar. This was the very first hotel built on Lake Garda and is a great place for a spot of celebrity spotting.

Alternatively, take a visit to the well known hella gardens & the Victoriali but I believe the old town is an absolute must do when you get over there. The old town sat just behind the main coastal resort is stunning and to get up there and see it is unbelievable. If you think you may not be able to do the walk don’t worry there is a mini train which runs from the Grand hotel. In the old town don’t miss the Olivi restaurant which is like sitting in a little Greek tavern. Oh, and the house prosecco is amazing…

3. Malcesine  

Malcesine is most famously known for weddings and its castle hosts anything up to 4 weddings a day so if you’re a fan of the happy event then it’s awesome to see. You can also climb the tower of the castle and take in views across the north of Lake Garda. This is a true spectacle and should not be missed.

And if you think those views were amazing then you should really consider the cable cars of Monte baldo, these are the most famous around the lake as they rotate and half way up the cable car you step out onto a platform and take the second car, this has a rotary action and it climbs the mountain whilst spinning gently at 360 degrees. This is truly one of the most Iconic views of the lake you will get.   So my answer is simple. Why shouldn’t you visit Garda??

Blog by Adrian Holloway-Wells, Inghams Resort Representative in Lake Garda, Summer 2015.