Walking in Seefeld

Posted on July 3, 2017 in Austria Lakes & Mountains by Annmarie Adams in Seefeld Tags:

Seefeld has many sports to try, from e-biking to roller skiing, and horse-riding to swimming in the Wildsee lake. However, my favourite is walking. There are routes across Seefeld to suit everyone’s ability, it’s easy, and it can be very rewarding.

In Seefeld, you can collect walking badges from the local tourist office. Acquiring a badge depends on the number of points you achieve. All you have to acquire points is to look out for local landmarks, such as huts and viewing points. As you discover them you can acquire a stamp for your points.

There is a bronze badge, for which you need 20 points; silver requires 40 points and gold, 100 points. Children can also participate and they only require half the total that adults need for a badge. And don’t fret if you don’t have enough time to collect all the points in one holiday. You can return in future years and continue where you left off.

It is fair to say that collecting badges has become a competition among the resort representatives in Seefeld. We can’t wait to see who can collect the most points, and I believe I am still in first place!

We have a varied walking programme in resort. My favourite walk is probably the easiest of the three, the Tour of the Gschwandtkopf. This walk is the perfect start to a week’s holiday in Seefeld. It is a great way to orientate yourself to the local area (and it also provides you with 3 walking-points!).

On the walk, you’ll learn about the area’s Olympic history, and about Anto Seelos, the man who created the ski parallel turn – right here on Seefeld’s mountains! Walking into Mosern, you’ll also learn about the history of the Mosern Peace Bell. The largest bell in the Alps, it symbolises peace between the Alpine peoples. A special 90-minute trail is dedicated to it.

Of course, along any walk in Seefeld you will encounter outstanding natural beauty and wonderful scenery. Walk with us and we will introduce you to the local natural environment. We will walk to places where all you can hear is bird song, and to points providing amazing views over the Inn Valley.

Throughout the week, we have walks of varying difficulties. Each walk is its own adventure and it is an excellent way to discover beautiful views of the towns on the Seefeld plateau. We hope you will join us in Seefeld soon.

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