10 Reasons you will love Mont Tremblant

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Our representative in Mont Tremblant, Vendula, takes us through the ten reasons why she thinks you will absolutely love this fantastic resort in Canada.

Mont Tremblant is a magnificent resort located in the heart of the Laurentian Mountains in Eastern Canada. There are many reasons visit this beautiful part of the world and here are just a few of our favourites…

1. Skiing & off-piste in the forest

Mont Tremblant
The stunning pistes and beautiful forests in Mont Tremblant.

Skiing & snowboarding is usually the main reason most of us go to the mountains in the winter. It’s true that the Laurentiens are quite low mountains, but that is the beauty of the skiing in Mont Tremblant. As you ski you are surrounded by forests with breathtaking views of lakes. The resort offers 96 trails in total and it is a great place for beginners and intermediates. But Tremblant also has some challenging double-black diamonds runs and amazing off-piste trails amongst the trees! Whenever there is fresh powder, the woods are full of excited local skiers & boarders as well, as adventurous visitors. It’s fantastic fun!

2. Tremblant itself

Mont Tremblant is a picturesque resort with many great restaurants and boutiques. It has been named the number one ski resort in Eastern North America. This family friendly resort with its pedestrian village, cobblestone lanes and colorful buildings has a truly magical atmosphere.

3. Québécois culture & hospitality

La Sugar Shack
Delicious la Sugar Shack being made in Mont Tremblant.

‘Canadiens’ are friendly and fun loving people. Quebec culture is a mix of North American with a French influence. The native language is French, and English is only spoken as a second language here. While on holiday in Mont Tremblant you should try some of the local specialties, such as La Sugar Shack, maple syrup cooled on snow, or La Poutine, French fries with gravy and cheesy toppings.

4. The nature

It is all about nature here! Mont Tremblant is an excellent place for nature lovers as the resort is surrounded by many lakes and endless forests. Deer are very friendly here and not shy at all. So much so that the locals often feed them by hand! They prefer carrots and apples.

5. Cross-country skiing & snowshoeing

Why not try something a little bit different to skiing? Mont Tremblant is a paradise for cross-country skiers. Cross-country skiing and snowshoeing is very popular especially in the Laurentian National Parc, which is only a couple of miles away from the resort. It is a must do activity for anyone visiting Tremblant, as it’s simply the best way to soak up the beauty of the local countryside.

6. Nightlife & après ski

The resort has a vibrant nightlife and après ski scene. This is especially true during the weekends when the young crowds from Montreal and nearby USA travel up for the weekend to party in the resort. The most popular clubs are the P’tit Caribou and the Cafe d’Epoque. And before heading to a nightclub, everyone stops by at the local microbrewery – La Diable, aka The Devil!

7. Events & Festivals

The resort hosts many exciting events and festivals throughout the winter. One of the most unique is the Snow Polo, held every year in March it’s an exciting spectacle where international teams compete on horseback on the frozen lake. The National Alpine Championship is also held in March and attracts Canada’s best alpine skiers who compete for the title of National Champion in various Alpine sports. Among famous festivals are the Rando Touring festival, 24 hours Tremblant and the Rock & Ride festival.

8. Montreal

The stunning cityscape of Montreal.

If you feel like having a break from skiing and nature, why not head to Montreal? This city has a unique atmosphere and provides visitors with plenty of cultural and architectural gems. And at only one and a half hours drive from Tremblant you can easily spend three nights here at the beginning or end of your holiday.

9. Exciting activities

The resort is sometimes called a “Winter Wonderland” and it’s obvious why. There are plenty of unique winter activities to participate in here. From winter mountain biking, snowshoe fondue tours, dogsledding, helicopter rides, horse sledding, snowmobiling, ice climbing and ice fishing…there is literally something for everyone to enjoy!

10. It’s Canada!

Have you been to Canada before? If yes, you know what I am talking about…If not, you should definitely visit and explore this beautiful and welcoming country. I believe you will have fun and enjoy it here as much as I do!

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