Christmas Season in Alpbach, Austria

The Christmas season begins in Austria on a Sunday four weeks before Christmas Eve when decorated wreaths with four candles are placed in peoples’ homes. Each Sunday leading up to Christmas Eve a candle is lit. Many towns and villages have advent celebrations during this time and in the historical setting of Austrias’ smallest town,

New Year in Alpbach, Austria

New Years Eve  is celebrated throughout the world but ‘Sylvester’, the day of the Feast of Pope Sylvester I, coincides with this and makes it a doubly exciting time to be in Austria! As you may expect, each town or village has their own way of celebrating these momentous occasions and in Alpbach, after a day on

Bavaria: Neuschwanstein and Oberammergau

High on a hill in Schwangau, Bavaria lies Neuschwanstein, the fairytale castle of ‘Mad King Ludwig II’. Today it is claimed to be one of the most popular castles in Europe with around 1.4 million visitors viewing the fairy-tale residence every single year! From our resort of Seefeld we offer a day trip to Neuschwanstein, the

Not entirely lost in translation

There are many positives to travelling. Aside from sightseeing in some mesmerising locations you meet people from different cultures, experience strange and wonderful customs, taste food you’ve never tasted before and, of course, you can attempt to learn another language. The Austrians speak German, as I’m sure you know, but I’m afraid it’s not an

‘To’boggan or Not ‘To’boggan… That is the Question….

The resort of Seefeld in Austria, is popular for a variety of reasons but mainly down to the great choice of activities on offer here! Tobogganing is a favourite pastime amongst all nationalities and ages here and I love to watch both children and adults alike, kamikaze down mounds of snow and ice seeking thrills

Mountain Restaurants in the Arlberg

One of the many advantages of the Arlberg region, aside from phenomenal skiing of course, has to be the huge variety of restaurants both on and off the slopes. Whether you’re looking for a hearty lunch to warm your bones or a simple Austrian snack, there are plenty of opportunities to sample to the local

10 Reasons To Holiday In St Christoph And The Arlberg

Now we may be a little biased, having spent 6 fantastic months in the area last winter, but we believe that St Christoph, and the Arlberg at large for that matter, are the best* destinations for a holiday in the snow. Although there are hundreds of reasons to choose the Arlberg above all else, we’re

Seefeld: The best of the Alps, come summer or winter!

Our summer season here in Seefeld is coming to a close. Our guests have been having a wonderful time in our busy and bustling summer resort, but don’t forget that Seefeld has some fantastic things to offer in the winter-time too! With all it has to offer in both summer and winter, Seefeld is up