Snowmobile Safari Magic

James Bond, eat your heart out! I’ve just driven across a frozen lake in Northern Finland on a spectacular snowmobile… got behind the reins of a dog sled on a safari through a forest trail… and spent the night in a hotel made from snow! Oh, and did I mention having a go on an

Snowmobile Magic

Loving it in Lapland – Part 3

Marketing and Travel Freelance, Mary Finucane shares her diary of her adventures in Lapland.. Day 5 – I have always wanted to try dog sledding. I think it must be one of the few ways to experience true wilderness. You are using a natural way of transport. You are in the middle of nowhere, completely

Dog sledding in Levi

Loving it in Lapland – Part 1

Travel freelance, Mary Finucane shares her diary of adventures in Lapland last year. Last December I travelled with my mother and 3 year old son to Lapland. I can honestly say, as three generations and three very different personalities, we had the time of our lives. For my mother it was a life-long dream come