Gondola rides – Whistler’s Peak 2 Peak

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Come to Whistler and take a ride on the famous Peak 2 Peak 360 Experience for an unparalleled view of British Columbia’s rooftop!

The Peak 2 Peak Gondola in Whistler is the longest and highest in the world!
[Photo credit: ClickFlashPhotos, Nicki Varkevisser]

This magnificent lift system was primarily built for the Vancouver Winter Olympics in 2010 but beyond that, was of  course built for skiers, riders and sightseers. The Peak 2 Peak is a breathtaking 4.4 km ride from the top of Whistler Mountain to the top of Blackcomb Mountain which can be enjoyed during all four seasons! It is the longest unsupported (free) span for a lift of this kind in the world and construction began in the winter of 2007 with a grand opening taking place the following winter in 2008.

Although the official location for the Winter Olympics of 2010 was Vancouver; many of the alpine events were held in Whistler and  the Callaghan Valley in the Olympic park which is a ten minute drive down the valley from Whistler. The lift system provided a vast improvement to the speed guests were able to move between Whistler and the Blackcomb mountains and offers spectacular views of the coastal mountain range with the Black Tusk rising on the horizon.

In the spring and autumn very often resident Whistler Black Bears can be spotted from the gondola. Whistler is famous for its Black Bears; not many resorts can boast of such wildlife inhabitants! Every ten mins the silver gondola comes around (no extra charge on top of the normal lift ticket) with its glass bottom floor. This is great to ride on a sunny day or just if you feel like doing something special. We have had Inghams guests get married in one of the silver gondolas; and many special VIP events are held in them. If you’re in Whistler during Valentine’s Day, you could not do anything more romantic then ride the silver Peak 2 Peak gondola. If you are visiting Whistler during the summer months an enormous terrain of walks and mountain biking trails and mountain bike parks opens up as well as beer and wildlife watching opportunities.

Some interesting facts about the Peak 2 Peak Gondola:

  • It travels 7.5 m per sec
  • The official crossing time between Whistler and Blackcomb mountains is 11 mins.
  • There are 28 gondolas.
  • Each gondola can hold up to 28 people.
  • It can transport 4100 people per hour from Peak 2 Peak

We look forward to seeing you in Whistler riding the Peak 2 Peak!