Skiing Newbies: What to Look for When Shopping for Ski Outfits

Our friends over at Trekwear UK have given us a good guide on what to look for when shopping for ski outfits, particularly if you are a beginner! Whether you’re heading out onto the slopes for the first time, or you’ve been a seasoned skier all your life, each and every time you shop for

The delights of the Dolomites

A pre season ski in the Italian Dolomites with Alicia Welsman, Senior Product Manager, Italy. The first week of the ski season is always a great opportunity to showcase our ski areas before the season really gets underway.  On the 14th December I accompanied groups of specialist ski agents to Italy and the Dolomites ski

Trade in your January blues

Sean Newsom, founding editor of Welove2ski tells us why January is his absolute favourite month to hit the slopes!

Grab your skis to lose lbs

Cosmopolitan’s fitness columnist Niko Algieri has revealed some of the fitness benefits of our favourite sport.  Not only do you burn lots of calories whilst skiing but you also tone a variety of core and leg muscles.  Niko suggests one way to motivate yourself to lose weight and tone up is to have a target

“The Evolution of the Ski”- Inghams talks to Snow+Rock

 Inghams recently interviewed Phil Gordon, the equipment buyer at Snow+Rock, to get his opinion about the progression of skis and how technology has changed skis in more recent years. With the winter season fast approaching, we’re intrigued to learn more about the different types of skis we will be seeing on the slopes this season.

Skiing, Strudel and The Snow Centre

Last week Inghams took a group of travel agents and some head office staff to the Snow Centre at Hemel Hempstead to have a go at learning to ski on an artificial slope. Inghams ski novice Caroline, turned pro (well almost), after enjoying expert tuition from some of Austria‘s best ski instructors, who had flown

The do’s and don’ts of ski lift etiquette

Do hold others ski poles whilst they search every single pocket in their jacket until they find their lip balm- Guaranteed it will be in a pocket they didn’t even know existed! Don’t jump up and down in a gondola to make it swing- Acrophobia isn’t a myth, some of us aren’t the biggest fans

Where is the best place to go skiing?

Inghams Reservations Manager, Simon McIntyre, answers the unanswerable question! Where is the best place to go skiing? I’ve been asked this five times this week and my answer has been different every time. It’s not an easy one to answer, I’ve been lucky enough to have skied and worked in some amazing places, from Japan