The skiing experience in St Christoph

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Our representative in St Christoph, Edward Weller takes us through an average day spent skiing in the Arlberg.

What is the skiing experience?

You wake up and look outside the window, blue skies overlook the beautiful mountains of the Arlberg. This is a perfect day to be up in the mountains for an incredible day of skiing. Whether you want to take it slow or try to reach a new top speed you know that today will be a good day.

After a lot of snow from the previous couple of weeks the powder is looking good, your skis are itching to get up that chairlift and down the slopes, all of the essentials are packed in your bag, including that peanut butter Kit Kat Chunky. When you first sit on the chairlift in the morning you can feel the morning breeze enter your lungs and cool you down. Upon arriving at the top you look around and see the beautiful snow covered mountains. There is so much opportunity today, whether you ski over to Lech and Zurs on the new Flexenbahn gondola or have a go at freestyling in the snowpark over in Rendl, there is a world of adventure at your feet.

After a few hours of skiing you begin to explore one of the many different restaurants on the mountain. Whether you stop in Oberlech at the hotel Cresta for one of their signature Cresta burgers, or stay local and visit Thaja in St Christoph for a jacket potato covered in sour cream and lemon chicken, the food will keep you ticking over towards the afternoon. Grab a beer or a glühwein or even a cola to get that sugar in you and restore your energy. While you eat your lunch you take in the stunning mountain scenery, this isn’t a dream, this is reality right now.

This afternoon you take it a little bit easier, preparing yourself for après over in St Anton. There are lots of different places you can go to enjoy the life and soul of the Arlberg, whether you want to head to the famous Mooserwirt or try out Krazy Kanguruh. The world is your oyster.

At the end of the day you enjoy a nice cold beer as you chat to everyone else about where you have explored during the day. Then you sit down for a delicious 5-course meal in the restaurant with a lovely glass of wine to wash everything down. After dinner the friendly conversation continues in our Moguls sports bar before you get ready for bed – to do it all again tomorrow.

This is the skiing experience.

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