SNOW ALERT: December snowfall creates fabulous skiing conditions

Posted on December 11, 2017 in Ski Holidays by Tim Fowler Tags:

The UK may have seen a ton of snowfall recently, but heaps of snow has fallen in the Alps too. And unlike at home, where travel disruption rules the day, on the mountain it’s created the perfect conditions for skiing and snowboarding.

This weekend in Kuhtai, Austria, the snow fell by the bucket load creating excellent on piste conditions. The upper pistes now reach a depth of 75cm and snow forecasters predict a further 62cm to fall in the next nine days.

Get an insider’s look at the conditions in Kuhtai and check out our video, filmed by our reps at the weekend:

Down the road in Mayrhofen, our reps were making the most of the snow conditions. Watching the video they sent us, it’s hard to spot anywhere where the snow hasn’t fallen!

Temperatures in Mayrhofen are expected to drop this weekend and up to 13cm of snow is predicted to fall on Saturday. There’s good reason to be optimistic about next week’s skiing conditions.

Don’t try this at home, kids! In Morzine, France our reps decided to celebrate the fantastic snowfall with some crazy stunt work:

While we can’t recommend you attempt this stunt for yourself, we would certainly recommend skiing in Morzine next week. As we write, the snow is falling on the mountaintops – and we expect further dumps of snow later this week.

More craziness from our reps in St Anton, Austria this time, as the team discover the conditions are so amazing they can literally swim it. Here’s the proof:

Other sports you can do in these amazing snow conditions include skiing and snowboarding. Just a suggestion.

The Ski Club forecast for St Anton predicts heavy snowfall tonight with up to 23cm expected to fall on the top of the mountain. The resort already has 140cm on the upper slopes, so you can expect conditions this weekend to be very favourable.

It’s not just Austria and France seeing all the snow either. Over in Italy this weekend there was plenty of fresh powder. It was a whiteout in Cervinia on Friday, as you can see from our reps snow report:

The base in Cervinia now measures 40cm and the upper piste depth is around 110cm. More snow has fallen today and we expect to see a further 80cm falling over the next week.

This December has been fantastic for snow fall, and here at Inghams HQ we can’t help be excited for the forthcoming winter season. Winter 17/18 looks like it’s going to be spectacular.

Unfortunately, the weather in Chamonix, France is really rubbish. It’s not cold at all. It’s shorts and t-shirt weather and sunglasses and flip flops are definitely required. If you want to sit outside next week, sipping cool and refreshing cocktails then Chamonix is the place to go. But if you want to ski, forget about it. There’s clearly no snow there: