Teach 80 to Ski

Posted on November 13, 2014 in Reviews Ski Holidays Ski Tips by Tim.Fowler Tags: , , , ,

On Saturday 8th November to celebrate our 80th anniversary we took on the challenge of teaching 80 beginners to ski. With the help of our friends at Skiplex we arranged for guests to come and have a go on the slopes at the Reading centre.

It wouldn’t be right to celebrate our anniversary without wearing the correct gear so we invited Retro Rentals to come and kit everyone out with appropriate 80s attire. Not one person was getting away without wearing a onesie on the slope, hilarious to see some of the old styles or even for some people remember wearing them back in the day! The funky suits combined with the 80s tunes ensured that everyone had a great time.

A massive thank you to everyone who attended and to all the staff at Skiplex for helping us complete our challenge of teaching 80 beginners to ski. Now we can’t wait for winter season to begin!