The Medieval City of Conflans

Just outside of Albertville, at the edge of the Tarentaise and Savoy regions of France, you will find the beautiful little city of Conflans. Steeped in history, this medieval gem is a rabbit warren of cobbled streets and 14th century charm. All of the original hand painted shop signs hang outside the buildings and the

Chasing dragons in the Wildschönau

The story goes: “Once upon a time, the Wildschönau valley used to be one large lake. A dragon lived in the lake, terrifying the local population. One day a brave farmer decided to face the dragon and managed to trick it and kill it. Whilst falling to its death, the dragon bit into the Wildschönau

The Secret Lake Of Italy…

Lake Orta really is a hidden secret. Full of quaint cobbled streets, it is pure serenity and is almost absurdly beautiful. The Milanese call it La Cenerentols (Cinderella) because it has long been considered the secretly superior sibling of both Lake Como and Lake Maggoire.  No one who has visited the lake particularly wants to

Lapland: Not just for Christmas!

When I chat about Lapland to my friends back at home or to my guests during the summer months, everyone has thousands of questions about living way up in the north of Finland, 200km above the Arctic Circle.  How cold does it get? (Very!) Is it dark all the time?  (No!) What is the best age

Hugo’s all ’round!

Since coming to Austria, there are quite a few things I have taken back to my native England and forced upon my friends and family, one being my favourite drink of the summer, the Hugo. This delicious prosecco based drink is perfect for a sunny afternoon on the decking or by the shores of a

Roll out the red carpet at the Schloss Lebenberg….

When people ask me to describe my recent trip to Kitzbühel, there’s only one word that comes to mind….stunning! It starts with the picturesque descent into Innsbruck valley, listed as one of the top 10 airports to fly into, and you can understand why. With the breathtaking views over the Austrian alps and the steep

Bank Holidays In Austria

A holiday to Austria in summer is an unforgettable experience: breathtaking mountains, snow capped peaks, rolling meadows full of colourful flowers, cows lowing peacefully in the alpine pastures, stunning hikes, beautiful lakes, and undoubtedly delicious food. Austria also has a very rich culture and history, celebrated across the nine provinces in different ways. Summer in

Lake Garda: Touring our top 5 lakeside locations!

Lake Garda is vast and getting to see it in its entirety really is a tough shout, especially if you’re trying to do via public transport! The boats take forever, the buses don’t quite link up, the train only covers a small part of the huge area and you’ve not got much hope if you