Majestic Mondsee – The Heart Of Upper Austrian Salzkammergut

Whilst staying in the Salzkammergut, Austria’s wonderful ‘Lake District’, you should definitely not miss out on a chance to visit Mondsee, both the name of the town and indeed, one of the 76 magical lakes here. One of the most popular attractions in Mondsee has to be the medieval Mondsee Abbey – the St Michael

The Medieval City of Conflans

Just outside of Albertville, at the edge of the Tarentaise and Savoy regions of France, you will find the beautiful little city of Conflans. Steeped in history, this medieval gem is a rabbit warren of cobbled streets and 14th century charm. All of the original hand painted shop signs hang outside the buildings and the

Bergisel: What’s That On The Hill?!

What’s that on the hill I hear you say? Well that’s the famous Bergisel hill and ski jumping facility. The Bergisel hill measures 746m and lies in South of Innsbruck, in the area of Witten, where the Sill river meets the Inn Valley. The Bergisel hill is well-known for a number of reasons, one of

Lakes Brienz and Thun: Top lakeside locations

Interlaken sits perfectly nestled between the two lakes of Brienz and Thun. Both lakes offer full days out in their own respect so we’ve brought together a few highlights not to miss: Lake Brienz Isetwald The pretty fishing village of Iseltwald is built on a peninsular which juts out towards the centre of Lake Brienz.

Salzburg: ‘These Are A Few Of Our Favourite Things…’

As a massive “Sound of music” fan, Salzburg is one of my all time favourite places in Austria. I remember many rainy Sunday afternoons spent watching Julie Andrews prancing around fountains and climbing hills and wishing I would get the chance to one day visit all of those places. My mum and I would sing

Filzmoos’ Dachstein Glacier

We’re lucky in Filzmoos to have one of Austria’s most iconic mountains right on our doorstep. Off to the east, above the village of Ramsau am Dachstein (which you can get to via the Filzmoos Wonderbus) we have the 2995 meter high Hoher Dachstein mountain range with the Gosau Glacier tucked away within the mountains.

The Secret Lake Of Italy…

Lake Orta really is a hidden secret. Full of quaint cobbled streets, it is pure serenity and is almost absurdly beautiful. The Milanese call it La Cenerentols (Cinderella) because it has long been considered the secretly superior sibling of both Lake Como and Lake Maggoire.  No one who has visited the lake particularly wants to

Lake Garda: Touring our top 5 lakeside locations!

Lake Garda is vast and getting to see it in its entirety really is a tough shout, especially if you’re trying to do via public transport! The boats take forever, the buses don’t quite link up, the train only covers a small part of the huge area and you’ve not got much hope if you