Bank Holidays In Austria

A holiday to Austria in summer is an unforgettable experience: breathtaking mountains, snow capped peaks, rolling meadows full of colourful flowers, cows lowing peacefully in the alpine pastures, stunning hikes, beautiful lakes, and undoubtedly delicious food. Austria also has a very rich culture and history, celebrated across the nine provinces in different ways. Summer in

Lake Garda: Touring our top 5 lakeside locations!

Lake Garda is vast and getting to see it in its entirety really is a tough shout, especially if you’re trying to do via public transport! The boats take forever, the buses don’t quite link up, the train only covers a small part of the huge area and you’ve not got much hope if you

Top 5 Vegetarian Delicacies from Switzerland!

As a vegetarian living in Switzerland for the summer, I thought I’d share with you some of my favourite Swiss vegetarian dishes to celebrate National Vegetarian Week. All of my previous seasons have been spent in France, and I have enjoyed many Fondues (most often consisting of Swiss Cheeses Gruyere and Emmental) and Raclettes during

The Legend of Madonna Della Corona

Most modestly described, the Madonna Della Corona is a stunning church nestled within the rocks of Monte Baldo; a peaceful sanctuary for stillness and meditation. You can reach the church of the Madonna Della Corona via two routes though it is accessible from any one of the resorts surrounding Lake Garda.  The first, and the simplest, is

Alpine Wildife – Chamonix’s top 5 inhabitants!

Ruth and Jerome in Chamonix have been on the look out for some of the local wildlife. Here are some of the animals you can expect to see in the Alps:  Chamois: The chamois is a large sized mountain goat, native to the European mountains. It spends its time grazing on the alpine meadows and

Alpine Habitants