Top 3 mountains and top 3 villages in Lake Lucerne

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Lake Lucerne is situated in central Switzerland, around an hour away from the capital city of Bern. Lucerne is a busy and bustling city, with lots to do and see, and an extremely popular holiday destination. It attracts tourists from all across the world and you will hear a great many languages spoken all across the city.

The lake is surrounded on all sides by vast mountains, some stretching as high as 3,200 metres. An assortment of cable cars, gondolas, cog railways, trains and steamboats have made these mountains accessible to everyone. Visitors easily climb to the summit, admiring the lake and its vast surroundings as well as exploring the many available walking routes.

Although there are many peaks to conquer, my personal favourites are the following three:

Mount Pilatus:

Easily spotted from across the lake, Mount Pilatus towers over the city of Lucerne. It’s only a 15-minute bus ride away, and the 2,120m high summit is easily accessible through a series of two cable cars and a gondola. On route up the mountain, at the second cable car station, there is an incredible metal luge track, which makes for a thrilling experience.

Mount Titlis:

Tucked away in Engelberg, it is the heighest point in the region, stretching all the way up to 3,238 metres. It is an absolutely incredible trip. You start at the bottom amongst green grass, but by the time you reach the peak your feet are stood on a snowy ski slope.

The spectacular views of the entire region coupled with a suspension bridge and ice cave make this one mountain not to miss.

Mount Stanserhorn:

Take a simple 20-minute train ride from Lucerne and you will find yourself in Stans at the foot of this impressive mountain, and where mechanical engineering reigns supreme. A cog railway followed by an open top cable car to take you right up to 1900m.

Snow top peaks can be seen in the distance and sun loungers are laid out so you can catch some rays 2000m in the sky.

Climbing is not the only activity on offer in Lucerne. Dotted around the edge of the lake are many beautiful, small towns, each with their own fascinating history. From the William Tell museum in Fluelen, to the glass blowing factory in Hergiswil, the lake has so much to offer.

During your stay, you must see the following:


Two hours away from Lucerne, on the bend in the lake, Rütli is considered the birthplace of Switzerland. Here in 1291, the original three Swiss cantons (Schwyz, Uri and Unterwalden) banded together, agreeing to protect each other from the threatening Austrians. Situated below the Seelisberg mountain, the stunning meadows are well worth a visit.


Another lovely lakeside town around two hours from Lucerne by boat, or 45 minutes by train. It is home to the famous Victorinox Swiss Knife Visitor Centre. Brunnen also has a lakeside mini golf course, ideal for entertaining the family.


Just across the lake, Weggis is the first town you arrive at on the ferry. Strikingly different to Lucerne, it is quiet and has a very secluded lake front setting. Weggis provides some great scenery and its proximity to the Rigi Mountain is unbeatable for hiking.

Lake Lucerne is a fantastic location, providing stunning views every single day. With boat trips, mountain hikes and famous museums dotted all over, it is very easy to see why people return year on year. Lucerne is truly an incredible holiday destination.

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