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Bologna Holidays

One of Italy's most beautiful cities

Bologna, one of Italy's most beautiful cities, is affectionately known by the locals as 'the learned, the red and the fat'; the learned as it's home to the oldest university in the western world founded in 1088, red represents the colours of its roofs and houses built in brick, but also its left-learning politics. The fat is in honour of its famous culinary specialities such as tortellini, lasagna and mortadella to name but a few. Bologna is a young city with plenty going on and it rivals Italy's better known cities for culture, so it's perfect for a weekend city break or for a visit before moving on to nearby Tuscany.

Useful Information

Resort Code: ITBG

Languages spoken: Italian

Time difference: GMT+1

Currency: EUR


The elegance of the Corona d'Oro makes it a fabulous choice for those hoping for a high quality Italian hotel for their stay in the wonderful city of Bologna.


A recently refurbished property, centrally located in the Piazza Maggiore of Bologna


Located opposite the railway station, an ideal location to explore this captivating city, the peaceful interior of this calm and comfortable hotel promise to relax you.