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  • Advanced Passenger Information: How can I supply my API?
  • Please see below for a list of airlines used by Inghams. Specific details can also be found in the "Transport - Additional Info" box on your attached "Your Travel Itinerary & E-Ticket" document.


    Air Canada enter API on

    Austrian Airlines enter API on

    British Airways enter API on my booking

    Easyjet enter API on via the 'Check-in online' link on the right hand side

    Flybe please see letter enclosed with your tickets

    Jet 2 please see letter enclosed with your tickets

    Swiss Airlines please enter API on

    Thomson Airways please enter API on

    Titan Airways please enter API on

  • Where can I find travel advice by country?
  • The Foreign & Commonwealth Office’s Know Before You Go’ (KBYG) is an ongoing campaign to ensure travellers are adequately prepared in all ways before travelling. For more information, see our Travel Advice.

  • Advanced Passenger Information: What is Advanced Passenger information?
  • Commonly referred to as API - is the term given to details required by airlines prior to travel. These details are taken from your official travel document, usually the machine readable page of your passport, and will be sent to the government authorities of the country you are arriving into. As part of tightened security procedures, all airlines are required to submit API in advance of travel to specific destinations in the EU and around the world. This allows the authorities to make routine identity checks on passengers before arrival.

    If you wish to be kept updated during periods of travel delay, we would strongly recommend that you provide your mobile number, so that we may communicate up-to-date information to you via our Text Alert system. If you have booked through a Travel Agent and they provide their own contact details, they then assume responsibility for passing on any text information received to you.

  • Advanced Passenger Information: When do I need to supply API details?
  • You can supply these details as soon as you receive these Inghams' travel documents. For bookings made between 14 to 7 days of departure you will still be able to add your API details up to 7 days before departure. If you are travelling within 7 days of making your booking, please provide your API at check-in.

  • How long before departure do I need to check-in?
  • Check-in desks are open approximately 2-3 hours prior to departure and we recommend you check-in at least 2 hours before, and no later than 90 minutes before departure.

  • Will there be an Inghams Rep at my UK departure airport?
  • Generally there are representatives present at our UK departure airports.

  • I have pre-booked special assistance at the airport. What do I do?
  • You need to make yourself known to the staff at the Check-In desk for your flight. They will then arrange all the necessary assistance needed.

  • How do I know which terminal I will be flying from?
  • If the UK airport you are flying from has more than one terminal, your Travel Itinerary and E-Ticket will show you which one you will be flying from. If you have booked car parking with us, your parking will be allocated to a car park near your departure terminal.

  • I need to carry additional baggage with me, what do I need to do?
  • In all cases, you will need to contact the airline directly to add on any additional items, except in the instance of ski carriage.

  • What if I get to the airport and I have to check in additional baggage?
  • This will be at the airlines discretion and charges may apply.

  • What are the baggage allowances at check-in?
  • Luggage allowance varies from airline to airline on both checked and cabin baggage. This is displayed clearly on your travel Itinerary and E-Ticket.

  • Will I be able to take a pushchair on the flight?
  • It is possible to take pushchairs on holiday with you. You will have the option of checking in your pushchair at check-in with your luggage, or you can check it in before you board the aircraft. Your pushchair will then be collected with the rest of your luggage in the arrivals baggage hall at your arrival airport.

  • I am going on a skiing holiday, can I take my own skis/snowboard with me?
  • Skis and snowboards can be taken to your ski resort, although the number allowed on charter flights is strictly limited. If you have your own equipment, you should pre-book ski/snowboard carriage when you confirm your booking to ensure that space is reserved. A charge will apply for each set of items. On scheduled flights, charges apply to carry sports equipment. This can often be considerably more than that of a charter flight.

  • Documents: What will Inghams send me?
  • You will receive two sets of documentation when you book with us. After you have made or updated a booking you will receive a Holiday Invoice. Your Invoice will be sent to you either by email (where an email address is provided) or by post. If you have booked through one of our Travel Agent Partners they will forward a copy of the Inghams invoice as well as their Invoice. In both cases (booking direct with us or through a Travel Agent) a copy of our booking conditions will be sent to you. We always ask that as soon as you receive your holiday invoice you check it to ensure all details are correct and as agreed.

  • Documents: When will I receive my tickets or final documentation?
  • 10 days before your holiday you will be sent your holiday documents which are titled ‘Your Travel Itinerary & E-Ticket'. This is the documentation you will need to check in for your holiday (along with your passport and applicable visa, of course). For all Customers, except those travelling to Switzerland or on a Tour, your holiday documents will be sent to you by email (where an email address has been provided). Customers travelling to Switzerland and on Tours will receive documents by post, as Swiss rail tickets will need to be posted to you. Please note these documents will not outline specific room aspects or transfer arrangements, you need to refer to your holiday invoice for these.

  • Documents: I have booked Swiss fly rail luggage. What happens with this?
  • We will need to post these to you (or your Travel Agent) as they are documents issued by the Swiss Rail System and are accountable documents. You can expect to receive these around 10 days before you depart. There will be detailed instructions on how to use the ‘Fly rail luggage labels’ with your documentation.

  • Documents: What happens with Swiss Rail Transfer tickets?
  • Where your holiday utilises the Swiss rail network system we will need to post your rail transfer tickets to you (or your Travel Agent). These are validated at your departure rail station and will not have specific routes or dates on them. With your rail transfer tickets and holiday documents will be detailed instructions on rail journey.

  • Documents: How will I receive my half price travel card?
  • This is on your transfer ticket ( at the top left ) which doubles as your half price rail card. When you are buying additional journeys you will need to present this to qualify for the applicable discounts.

  • Documents: Will I receive luggage labels?
  • As most of holiday documents are sent electronically we are unable to send out luggage labels, however at airports where we have Inghams representatives luggage labels will be available at the check in desk

  • Documents: When will I receive my resort map?
  • We aim to send this out to you as soon as possible, but this may not be at time of booking or payment of your final balance.

  • Will i be sent my pre-booked vouchers for excursions and ski packs before I depart?
  • You will receive all your pre-booked items when you arrive in resort, in your welcome pack or at your welcome meeting.

  • Invoice: A reference to "flight supplement" is made on my holiday invoice, what does this mean?
  • Our holidays are priced using the 'best priced' flight on our programme which is at a zero supplement as the cost for this is factored into the base price. Where it costs more to fly from certain airports, over and above the zero supplement flight, a flight supplement is applied.

  • Invoice: A reference to "Alternative Economy Classes' or 'Economy - A,B,C,D,E'" is made on my holiday invoice, what does this mean?
  • Scheduled and low cost airlines price their seats in such a way that there are a number of fare classes, this simply means that economy seats are broken out into different price brackets. As seats sell, availability moves into the next pricing bracket and the cost of that seat increases (although still in economy). As these seats are available publicly, not just to Inghams customers we have no control over the prices and / or the availability. You will be advised of the exact, additional cost of flights at the time of booking.

  • Invoice: A reference to "Room Supplements" is made on my holiday invoice, what does this mean?
  • Our prices are always based on a certain type of room, if you choose a different room, for example a Junior suite because the cost of that room is more that the; standard room' a 'Room supplement' will apply. This is because the room is more expensive than the 'standard' one we base our prices on.

  • Invoice: A reference to "Facility Supplements" is made on my holiday invoice, what does this mean?
  • Similarly to room supplements, the base price is calculated on a certain room type / category. Where your chosen room has different / enhanced facilities, such as; a Balcony or lake view, or a bath or seating area, a facility supplement will apply as these rooms are more expensive.

  • Invoice: A reference to "Occupancy Supplements" is made on my holiday invoice, what does this mean?
  • Some rooms or apartments are costed based on a total number of people in that room. The base price is achieved by filling the room to the advised total occupancy. If you are under this maximum, supplements will apply to cover the cost of the room / apartment.

  • Invoice: A reference to "Late Booking Fee" is made on my holiday invoice, what does this mean?
  • When you book within 14 days of departure you will be charged a late booking fee of £30

  • My Inghams Plus doesn't show on my Invoice, why is this?
  • As our Inghams plus offers are provided by our hotel partners, specific details will not appear on your documentation.This will still be provided as per our website, on your holiday.

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