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Swiss Fly Rail

Swiss Fly Rail

  • Swiss Fly-Rail: I saw my bags on the baggage carrousel when I arrived at the Swiss airport
  • Please always check you have put your green labels on your bags supplied to you by Inghams so the baggage handlers can quicker identify your luggage on the carousel.

    Please locate the Inghams Airport Representative in this case and they will endeavour to have it moved to the train station for the onward journey to your hotel. If you decide to take you luggage off the carousel yourself, you should take the bags to SBB at the airport train station and hand them over to the railway staff, you will need your documentation with you. Please note that by doing this you may miss the cut off for Express Service for that day.

  • Swiss Fly-Rail: I am concerned about using the baggage service because I heard I wouldn’t get my bags for 3 days
  • This is for the Standard Service and is the terms and conditions that SBB has stipulated. However, we have noticed this summer the standard baggage service is working well and bags have been arriving by the evening after arrival to Switzerland. There may be instances where bags do not arrive within this timeframe, usually due to reasons listed above.

  • Swiss Fly-Rail: I haven’t got any documentation to collect my bags!
  • You will receive your documentation from us before you depart for Switzerland. Please keep the claim form safe and on your person. If the form has been misplaced, please see your Inghams Representative who will speak to the train station staff to get the bags back. It also helps to ensure the blue Inghams branded luggage labels are on your bags to easily identify them.

  • Departing Bags – Swiss Fly-Rail: Inghams haven’t sent me my Return baggage documents
  • Luggage labels are sometimes stuffed behind the guests travel cards/ half fare cards so please double check here first. If the ticket is missing, please contact your Inghams Representative who will have the information resent from the UK.

  • Swiss Fly-Rail: I have only been given one ticket for my baggage going home, how am I going to get the second case home!
  • The tickets have changed this year so please double check as tickets can be used for multiple items of baggage, for example a ticket may say 2 Gepäck which means you can send two pieces of baggage with that one ticket.

  • Swiss Fly-Rail: I’ve decided to use the express luggage service home but we are already in resort
  • You can pay to upgrade to the Express Service locally with your Inghams Representative (where the service is available). It costs Sfr30 to upgrade which is a one-off fee per booking for any number of bags. For guests who would like to book this service in resort who haven’t already pre-booked the Standard Service, you will need to also pay the initial fee which we charge of CHF22 – CHF32 (varies by resort) for the cost of the baggage transfer from your hotel to the train station in resort.

  • What is the difference between the standard and express service?
  • Standard Swiss Fly-Rail luggage may not arrive until the morning two days after your arrival into resort depending of your flight. We recommend you take an overnight bag to cover your first two night in resort. For relevant information to your specific flight, please contact our pre departure team on 01483 79 11 22.

    Express Swiss Fly-Rail can only be booked for flights departing before 11:45am and luggage should arrive in resort the same evening.

  • Swiss Fly-Rail: Bags damaged in transit
  • This is rare but should this happen, it is usually the fault of the airport handling agents rather than the railway. You should go to the train station as soon as the damage is noticed to fill out a damage form, ensure the railway staff take photos of the damage and we recommend you do too. Please also check your travel insurance to see if you can make a claim.

  • Swiss Fly-Rail: Bags delayed by several days
  • In the unlikely event your luggage does not arrive in resort by the advertised time, you can claim for expenses and claim under SBB terms and conditions. Please see your Inghams Representative who will keep in contact with the resort train station, airport train station and airport baggage handling agents to locate your bags.

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