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Self-guided tours in Italy

For travelers who want to explore at their own pace, we have carefully created self-guided itineraries that include the highlights of Italy’s regions, taking away the hassle of having to plan things for yourself. On a self-guided tour with Ingham's you’ll have everything you need to get the most out of your holiday.

If you fancy taking a road trip through the beautiful landscapes of Italy, why not try one of our self-drive itineraries ? Fly to your destination where you’ll collect your hire car and begin your adventure. We’ll give you detailed maps and itineraries so you’ll be fully ready to explore and make the most of your holiday without having to think about planning a route, because we’ve done that for you.

We have created self-guided tours that will help you create unforgettable memories as you travel through Italy seeing the most famous sights, as well as visiting places that are not on the well-trodden tourist trail, making for unique experiences.

Take a look at our complete range of Italy Self-Guided Tours below, or call us on 01483 791 111

Sailing the Aeolian Islands


Set sail on the Mediterranean on this self-guided adventure to explore the volcanic Aeolian Islands, staying aboard a traditional Gulet boat.

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Amalfi Coast Walking Tour


Explore the trails of the Amalfi Coast, learning about the myths and legends of the region and taking in the breath taking scenery as you go.

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Flavours of the Amalfi Coast


Enjoy a culinary adventure on this self-guided tour of the Amalfi coast sampling the local cuisine, from home cooked meals to the regions thriving street food scene.

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Calabria Self-Drive

Take this self-drive tour through Calabria, exploring its rich agricultural traditions, enchanting historic towns and of course seeing the sights along the regions stunning coastlines.

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Highlights of Calabria

Set off on a self-guided tour of Calabria. This week long itinerary will take you to see the best that Calabria has to offer, from clifftop coastal villages like Tropea to its agricultural hinterlands.

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Puglia & Amalfi Coast Self-Drive

Enjoy an eleven day fly-drive tour through the sun kissed landscapes of southern Italy. Begin your self-drive tour in Puglia and work your way along the stunning coastline up to the villages of the Amalfi coast.

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Puglia & Basilicata Self-Drive - 7 nights


This seven night self-drive itinerary will guide you through the southern Italian regions of Puglia and Basilicata. Meander your way along the coast and into the rural hinterlands.

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Puglia & Basilicata Self-Drive - 11 nights


Discover the regions of Puglia and Basilicata on this eleven night self-drive tour that will guide you along the beautiful coastlines and wild hinterlands, stopping to see ancient towns and villages along the way.

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Sardinia Self-Drive

On this seven night self-drive tour through Sardinia, you’ll have the chance to see the islands unspoiled scenery from the mountains to the coast, exploring ancient towns and archaeological sites as you go.


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Sicily Self-Drive

Take to the roads and explore the Mediterranean’s largest Island, Sicily. See the beautiful baroque towns, ancient ruins, volcanic landscapes and beautiful coastlines.

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Sicily & the Aeolian Islands Self-Drive


See the best of Sicily on this self-drive tour around the Island, including a hop across the clear blue Mediterranean waters to the stunning volcanic Aeolian Islands.

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Flavours of Sicily



Get a real taste for Sicily on this week long self-drive tour that will take you to explore the island and the delicious flavours that infuse its cuisine.

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Tuscany Self-Drive


Explore Tuscany on this week long self-drive adventure that will take you through the rolling hills, renaissance towns and beautiful wine country.

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For more information on our Italy Self-Guided Tours above, please call us on 01483 791 111

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