Ingham’s Guide to Capturing your Holiday Memories

We all know that one of the best parts of going away is not just sharing incredible holiday memories with those you’ve gone with, but also share the incredible pictures and videos you post on your social media for friends and family back at home. It’s also a great way to remind yourself of your amazing holiday memories for years to come!

We’ve put together some top tips on how to take the best picture or video on your phone, plus our product team share their favourite spots to capture good shots in Europe. 



Top Tips: make sure that whatever your subject it, whether it’s a plant, animal or flower, that you separate the subject from the background of the frame. iPhone’s Portrait Mode for this is great, but even with other models, using the rule of thirds to distinguish the purpose of your image is a top tip.

Our favourite spot: Chloe, our Product Executive for Iceland suggests exploring the incredible waterfalls of Iceland, one of the most famous being Seljalandsfoss – the perfect Instagram content!

Seljalandsfos Waterfall




Top Tips: when to comes to snapping any and all adventures whether it’s your friends white water rafting or your family cycling, always make sure when capturing movement to take as many pictures as you can – there may be a gem of a facial expression you capture whilst they go past!

To make sure the focus is on whomever you’re hoping to capture, ensure there aren’t any cluttered backgrounds behind you – bright blue skies or rolling green fields will work a treat.

Our favourite spot: In Chamonix, France our Product Manager thinks that snapping a shot of your friend or family member parapenting (with a qualified pilot) from the Brévent will definitely provide some talking points over dinner.

Parapenting in Chamonix




Top Tips: it’s natural to try and get as much into a stunning landscape shot of countries and places you’re visiting, but try and have a clear focal point in any pictures you’re taking to direct the viewer’s eye where you want it to go. Or if there’s too much you want to show off about – panoramic settings are available on most phones, OR if in doubt – video!

Our favourite spot: in Zermatt, the Gornergrat experience offers a unique and breath-taking 360 degree panoramic view of 29 of the Alp’s peaks. Andrea, Commercial Manager for Switzerland, recommends using the stunning Gornergrat Rack Railway – the highest open-rack railing in Europe - to climb up and down the mountain to get the most out of the views.





Top Tips: no holiday album is complete without a sunset! The wonderful thing about sunsets is that golden hour bathes everything in a soft, gorgeous glow that gives an otherworldly look and feel and any image.

But remember, the sunset doesn’t always have to be the focal point of the image. There may be a silhouette or shadow the light creates that makes a much more interesting image.

Our favourite spot: any view around Lake Como during any time of day is spectacular, but for Product Assistant, Tristan’s favourite time of day is enjoying a spectacular sunset, watching the stunning reflections in the lake whilst it goes down behind the mountains.

Sunset over Lake Como




Top Tips: to ensure you snap a profile picture contender, natural light is your friend – make sure the sun is shining right on your faces and there aren’t any unflattering shadows. But don’t over think it! The great thing about selfies is snapping in a time of natural joy and expressions is much better than something you could compare to an old school portrait.

Our favourite spot: what makes a better background to a selfie than a view over the Aletsh glacier, over 3000 metres above sea level on the Jungfraujoch? Neil, Product Manager for Switzerland suggests standing on the ‘top of Europe’ and taking a joyful snap of yourselves makes for lasting memories from this unearthly location.





Top Tips: the great thing about shooting architecture is that it can look great in any weather. Come rain or shine, historical buildings come alive at all times of the year so you don’t need to worry about bright sunny days.

Good lighting is definitely still important though and don’t be afraid to try out unique angles and including people – architecture doesn’t exist without humans!

Our favourite spot: Product Manager, Laura tells us that Verona is full of beautiful historical buildings, but a personal favourite is the Verona Amphitheatre. Built in the 1st Century, the open-air amphitheatre is still in full use today hosting incredible opera and is one of the best-preserved ancient structures in the world.

Verona Arena


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