Lakes and Mountains Top Ice Cream Places

Inghams Lakes and Mountains guide to the best place to top ice cream places! What better image can you conjure up of your holiday than a sunny afternoon relaxing with your favourite ice cream?

The most popular flavours worldwide are vanilla and chocolate, and you can find these and hundreds more in all sorts of places in our Inghams Inghams Lakes and Mountain resorts

And here are just a few of our favourites for you ice cream lovers out there.  


Did you know that Mövenpick ice cream is Swiss? The first Mövenpick restaurant opened in Zurich as long ago as 1948 and nowadays the ice cream is available throughout Switzerland.

Many farmers and restaurants make their own ice cream. Textures and flavours vary in these locally produced ice creams, so it's worth trying quite a few to see which you like best!

If you take a day trip from Interlaken, Wilderswil or Lucerne to the capital, Bern, an ice cream on the sun terrace of the Kornhauskeller (the Granary) is highly recommended. It's a lovely building and the historic cellar and the gallery bar are open all summer long.

And you can enjoy the Italian influences in the Ticino area of sunny southern Switzerland, The coconut ice cream at the Vera Gelateria by Locarno railway station is delicious! 

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Austrian Tastes

Whatever you do, don't leave Austria, without trying some ice cream - either on its own, or as the perfect partner to a delicious cake or a yummy pastry.

The Gelateria Piccola Italia in the centre of Seefeld produces ice cream specialities made only of pure natural ingredients according to old Italian recipes. It’s a real challenge to finish every last drop of the tall glasses here (they are filled to the brim with different flavours of ice cream and sauces) but it’s certainly heavenly trying! And if your taste buds need more, the nearby Strandperle has a super vanilla-cinnamon ice cream which is just divine with apple strudel.

Over in Söll, the owners make their own delicious ice cream and cakes on site at the Café Mirabell. It's the perfect stop after a long day on the mountains before heading back to your hotel. Look out for Kevin, our resort manager, here - he classes this as "the most dangerous place in Söll" because he finds it almost impossible to walk past and not treat himself!

Café Rosemarie, just outside nearby Scheffau, is another super stopping off place - ideal when you are returning by foot from the spectacular Hintersteinersee (lake), and for those walking to and from Söll along the valley floor. Scheffau can also be reached on the free Kaiserjet Bus which operates throughout the valley during the summer.

Other Austrian Alpine ice cream venues worth a visit include Eiscafe Il Gelato in Kitzbühel and Gelateria Dolce Lea in Neustift, whilst the Austrian capital, Vienna, now has its first vegan ice cream shop, Veganista Ice Cream, situated on Neustiftgasse, where both unusual and "classic" varieties are sustainably and fairly prepared without animal products.

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Gelato Gelato!

Italian cuisine might mean certain other things to lesser mortals, but forget the pasta, the pizza, the cheeses, the wine, the aperitifs and the rest… to the discerning palate it means just one thing - ice cream!!! And it seems that locals and visitors alike just can't get enough of it.

You will find a "gelateria" (crudely, an ice cream shop) in every resort selling dollops and dollops of "gelato" (low butterfat ice cream). Try joining the queue for the best ice cream in town in San Gimignano at Gelateria da Sergio Dondoli in Piazza della Cisterna. Renowned worldwide!

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Italian Classics

Gelateria Cristallo on the lakefront in Bardolino on Lake Garda is famous for its ice cream; their scoops are large and modestly priced, and their flavours include Snickers, beer and Mojito! Many of our guests rave about it, but don't just take our word for it

Also on Garda, Sirmione too is amazing for ice cream. In one street,Via Vittoiro Emanuele,  there are ice cream stalls on either side with literally hundreds of different flavours on display. As well as the perennial favourites, these include Amarena (cherry flavoured with really juicy cherries), spicy chocolate and chilli, the kiddie-friendly “Puffo” (which means Smurf in Italian and is bubblegum flavoured and coloured bright blue) and even Gorgonzola! The ice cream gelateria in Sirmione that our staff like best is Scaligeri where the Famiglia Bignotti have been serving up delicious ice cream since 1948!

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Slovenian Flavours

A strong contender for the best ice cream in Lake Bled  (and arguably in the whole of Slovenia), has to be at our very own Hotel Park The hotel is extremely well known for its cream cakes which it has been baking since 1953, but its equally gorgeous homemade ice cream which is also produced in the hotel patisserie is something of a well-kept secret in comparison.

Hotel guests can sample a few flavours at dinner time, and the hotel's "Kavarna Restavracija" on the lakefront opposite serves this delicious ice cream to accompany cakes and pastries, but the place to go if you really want to fill your boots with as much "domači sladoled" as possible is the hotel's very own ice cream kiosk just along the promenade, right next to the casino. Here you can get a massive scoop (or two misnamed "half" scoops) in a cone for Euro €1.20. There are over 20 flavours (including yes, you've guessed it, cream cake flavour), but only 12 are on sale at any one time so, of course, you just  have to keep going back to sample more, don't you?!

And over on the Slovenian and Croatian coast, much of which was under Italian jurisdiction not so long ago, there are loads of ice cream kiosks selling Italian-style ice cream at non-Italian prices. You will be hard pushed to spend more than the equivalent of £1 per scoop all the way down the Adriatic until you reach Dubrovnik, and even there the prices are very reasonable. 

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