Here at Inghams, we believe in working with nature, not against it. That's why we're determined to become more environmentally friendly. Join us in our journey to become a sustainable business.

Inghams Sustainability

At Inghams, we’re passionate about travel, and it’s our passion that drives us to make a difference in the world. As we continue to offer activity-based holidays in some of nature’s most magnificent locations across Europe and Canada, we know it is essential that we contribute to industry wide change for a more sustainable future.



It's Our World, Lets Take Care of It

We’re taking our responsibility towards the environment seriously.

We know that tourism is responsible for 8% of the world’s carbon footprint and in order to protect the planet for future generations, it’s our responsibility to reduce the carbon output on our trips. Sustainable tourism is not a choice but a must.


Our Sustainability journey begins


Our Journey Begins

As part of a bigger project to reduce carbon across all of our holidays, we’re now offsetting all trips booked through us. We’re working with ClimateCare to help fight climate change and support communities and livelihoods around the world.

We want to encourage people to travel and experience more, but also want to let them know they can make a difference while doing so by carbon offsetting their trip. While this should not be the only solution for all overseas travel, we believe that working with the right people and discussing what is needed can go a long way.


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Climate Action Plan

Climate Action Plan

Our climate action plan comprises of four elements: measuring, reducing, mitigating, and communicating.

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Sustainability partnerhsips


Discover some of the partnerships we support as part of our responsible business approach.


Sustainability FAQs


Answering your most-asked questions about mitigating your carbon footprint and the impact of our holidays.


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