At Inghams, we are all about the great outdoors. We consider our planet; and all the places we visit, and our people; from employees to customers, as central to our company. We’ve partnered with link-minded organisations who share our values – including sustainability, inclusivity and nature regeneration.



EcoSki are a ski clothing company who rent and repair ski and snowboarding gear in the fight against climate change. Offering everything from socks to gloves, base-layers to sallopettes and goggles to helmets - you will be able to find any item needed available to rent via EcoSki. EcoSki are committed to reducing landfills caused by fast-fashion and instead encouraging greater longevity of clothing items, as well as promoting brands that are sourcing and using more environmentally friendly fabrics and materials. Great news for our customers: you can now save 15% off hired items with EcoSki and be part of the movement towards a more circular economy too. 

Learn more about EcoSki via our Lapland and Skiing Insider Guides.


Rewilding Britain

Rewilding Britain is the only country-wide organisation in Britain focusing on rewilding and the amazing benefits it can bring for people, nature and climate. Rewilding is all about restoring ecosystems to the point where nature can take care of itself once again and restoring our relationship with the natural world.

There are many ways rewilding can be implemented, for example we can protect and expand our woodlands or we can restore wetlands, increasing bio-diversity again. We have partnered with Rewilding Britain because we are also passionate about restoring Britain's current wildlife and in turn, reducing our own carbon footprint. We want to support Rewilding Britain in all that they do but also for them to show us all the new and innovative things we can be doing to help re-wild Britain. 

When it comes to our walking holidays, we have to make sure we’re being mindful of our impact. We want to be sure we’re walking in a nature-friendly way, treading lightly as we go. Read our guide to responsible walking to find out more.


Snow Camp

The charity Snow Camp is a life changing snow-sports programme for young people across the UK who are all in need of support. Working at indoor snow domes, young people learn how to ski or snowboard alongside life-skills training, qualifications and mental health support. We are working with Snow Camp to help break down barriers and broaden the horizons for young people in the UK in snow sports.

We have partnered with Snow Camp because we believe in what they stand for and we want to be a part of their pioneering efforts to ensure there are more job roles available out on the slopes of Europe for those from varying backgrounds. 

Find out more about Snow Camp and how we are working together for a brighter future. 



Klimate provides access to innovative carbon removal solutions with forward-thinking, scientific solutions. Klimate’s core purpose is to accelerate the development of carbon removal methods and techniques needed to achieve the targets set forth by the Paris Agreement. Klimate sources, analyses, and finances carbon removal projects from all over the world to support the best solutions including now supporting Inghams in their work of climate removal.

Klimate’s portfolios include various carbon removal methods, from planting trees in a forest to more complex 'Direct Air Capture' projects. We have therefore partnered with Klimate so that they can help us push forward with the removal and reduction of our carbon footprint as part of our sustainability promise.


Mind over Mountains

Mind over Mountains is a charity offering mental health support. They bring people together via walking in nature, practising mindfulness and spending time with experienced coaches and counsellors in unhurried, unpressured settings. They offer walks that range from one-day hill walks to weekend retreats in some of the UK’s most special places.
















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