What to pack for Lapland

If you decide to head to Lapland this winter, the most important thing you need to remember (other than making sure you’re on high alert for an appearance from the Northern Lights) is keeping warm.

We’ve got everything you need to pack for your holiday to Lapland in one helpful list so you don’t miss a thing.


What to wear in Lapland: 

During the peak time to visit Lapland, December to February, the temperature can go down to -16 degrees which is very cold indeed, so you need to make sure you wrap up warm for this magical place and ensure you can still appreciate everything the great outdoors has to offer. 

Here we have put together a top list of must take items for Lapland as well as some advice on the overall climate and temperature - it’s certainly worth a read whilst planning your trip: 

It’s also good to know about what to wear during all areas of your trip, not just on an excursion. Therefore we have also popped together a helpful guide: 

What to wear on the plane to Lapland? - It’s absolutely fine to wear your normal winter clothes whilst travelling, but we do recommend taking a big warm coat for when you arrive in Lapland, though you won't be waiting long to be whisked off to your accommodation. 

What to wear for dinner in Lapland? - All the restaurants, cafes and bars in our resorts know that it is cold outside, so they keep their establishments nice and warm, therefore your normal winter outfits you would wear at home are perfectly fine - however, do remember you will need to wear your snowsuit and snowshoes as you come and go. 

Can you hire Snowsuits for Lapland? - Santa breaks: Includes thermal suits and boots and 7 nights Lapland Holidays: Thermal suits and boots are not included unless:
- Adding on the Santa Experience (thermal suit & boots included)
- Booking the Muotka 7 nights (thermal suit & boots included)
- Booking the Muotka 2 centre (thermal suit & boots included)

Are there any extra items to consider? - You might perhaps consider Sunglasses or Sun goggles. Though there is limited sunshine in Lapland, it can get quite bright so it is important to protect your eyes. In relation to that, a bit of sun cream is always a good idea. Some guests like to also take a facemask as it can get a little windy at times. Surprisingly, swimwear should be considered. If you are staying at an accommodation with leisure facilities such as Saunas, then you will need to make sure you have your costumes with you. 

Can you hire base layers for Lapland? - Yes. This is the most efficient way to obtain clothing for this trip as these may not be something you already own and may not be something you use again. Therefore hiring your base layers is not only the perfect solution but it is also more environmentally friendly. Inghams Lapland is in partnership with EcoSki who are a fantastic ski clothing company who hire out items of all styles, sizes and fashion. Read more about EcoSki on how they started and why it makes sense to rent. They offer everything from Thermals, Fleece Jackets, Salopettes to hats and gloves so you can source everything from one place for all of your travel group. 


Now you know everything there is to know about staying warm, you can enjoy your Lapland holiday to the fullest.

Best times to visit Lapland: 

The best times of year to visit Lapland and to make the most out of this amazing holiday is between December and February. This is when Lapland has the freshest snow, the animals come alive and of course and Santa is busy at work.

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You will of course be cosy and warm inside your accommodation, but when you are out and about enjoying activities such as skiing, Husky rides or meeting Santa then you need to wear lots of layers and a snowsuit.



This 5 star accommodation is truly special and will make your Lapland visit extra special. All rooms are duluxe, with balconies, there is an on-site inside/outside spa and the dining is high quality. 

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Once in a lifetime lodges offer you the views to seek out the Northern Lights, with the option of booking the Aurora Cabin for a night that has a glass roof for the ultimate viewing experience. 

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