What to pack for Lapland


Layers , layers and lots more layers! The best advice for dressing warm in Lapland is to be prepared with LOTS of layers.

If you are lucky enough to be heading to Lapland this winter, the most important thing you need to remember is how to dress to keep warm. Here we have compiled a top list of must-take items for Lapland and some advice on the overall climate and temperature.

What to wear in Lapland: 

Lapland's crisp, dry type of cold can be comfortable if the correct protective winter clothing is worn. During the winter inside the Arctic Circle, the temperature can fluctuate from morning to afternoon.

When packing for Lapland it is crucial for safety and comfort, to consider the material of your clothes - wool and polyester are your best choices, however cotton items shouldn't be on your packing list. 

So, come prepared with lots of layers to keep you and your family warm for your magical adventures and ensure you can still appreciate everything the outdoors in Lapland has to offer.

Guide on what to wear

Thermal suits and snow boots

  • Thermal suits are the final layer that is put over your base layer and middle layer. It is common to have at least a couple of layers underneath. Such as a long-sleeved top and a fleece thermals for your legs.
  • Snow boots are waterproof and have a thermal layer to keep your toes warm. Top tip - these should be at least one shoe size larger than your regular shoe size. This is to allow 1-2 pairs of woolly socks and for children and those who get cold easily, it is highly recommended to add foot warmers for the colder days.
  • Thermal suits and boots are included for:
    - Santa Breaks
    - All Saariselka 7 nights (including Wilderness Hotel Muotka)
    - Guests who book the Santa Experience excursion package (Levi & Yllas)
  • Thermal suits and boots are not included in:
    - Levi & Yllas 7 nights
    - However, you can hire them in resort or you can also pre-book hire at an additional cost for 7 night holidays

Lapland holiday packing list:

Thermal base layers:

  • Top: long sleeve merino wool or polyester thermal top.
  • Bottoms: long johns or fleece-lined leggings.
  • Top tip: avoid cotton as it can be dangerous, if it gets wet or you sweat the material freezes and stays damp leaving you not only cold and uncomfortable but at risk of hypothermia.
  • Additionally, denim should be avoided for a similar reason unless worn indoors.

Middle layers:

  • Top: A thick fleece or a woollen jumper. Baggy is best as there is extra room to create a blanket of hot air to keep your body warm.
  • Bottom: If it’s extremely cold, below minus 20 degrees, you might consider wearing two bottom layers, such as salopettes under your snowsuit or additional fleeced joggers (avoid cotton).

Warm hat:

  • One of the best insider tips is when out and about in resort or on excursions, everyone looks alike wearing thermal suits, therefore, the brighter and funkier your hats will help you locate the rest of your travel party easily, especially the little ones.

Mittens and liner gloves:

  • Hands and feet are the first parts of the body to get cold, so it is important to have a good pair of mittens and glove liners.
  • Mittens are superior for extreme weather conditions. Unlike gloves, there is less surface area for heat to escape and inside fingers can share warmth.
  • The benefit of a glove liner is it helps improve the insulation of your mittens and can absorb sweat.

Woolley socks:

  • As mentioned above, hands and feet are the first parts of the body to get cold, so it is important to have at least a couple of pairs of woolly socks to wear every day.

Hand and feet warmers:

  • While on excursions or playing outside in the snow these are highly recommended for children and can be beneficial for adults too.

Scarf and a balaclava / buff:

  • A balaclava or buff is a must for excursions to keep wind-chill off your face and prevent frostbite.

Headlamp and / or torch:

  • Especially if you are visiting in December while it is polar nights it is good to have a head torch. Phone lights are handy, but phones lose charge very quickly in the cold, so it is best to reserve the battery for photo opportunities of the northern lights.

Portable charger:

  • Devices such as phones and cameras lose battery very quickly when outside in minus temperatures. To ensure you have an extra charge to take unlimited photos of the Lapland memories you will be creating, remember to pack a portable charger.

Water bottle:

  • Your body needs more fluids in Lapland because the air is very dry. Think of Lapland as a polar desert. The drinking water in Finland is some of the freshest in the world.


  • Handy to store extra layers or put hats and gloves in while indoors to prevent them from getting lost.
  • Ideal for taking some snacks and water bottles to keep hydrated.

Chapstick and moisturiser:

  • The air in Lapland is very dry. You’ll find skin gets dryer a lot quicker than it does in the UK winter. It is recommended to pack some moisturiser, hand cream, and lip care.
  • Bear in mind to take lip care that won’t freeze in colder temperatures such as squeeze bottles. Or keep it in a pocket close to the body to prevent it from freezing.

Minimally tinted or clear goggles:

  • For skiing or snowboarding - If you get the chance to hit the slopes in Lapland in December or January it is recommended to bring some clear goggles or goggles with minimal tint.
  • Due to the lack of sunlight, you will get a chance to make your way down the mountain on the floodlit pistes.


  • If you have booked accommodation with leisure facilities or a sauna.
  • For the brave that adventure to Yllas and try out the lake sauna and ice swimming.


What to pack for Lapland and Lapland travel FAQ's

Why do I need to be prepared on what to wear?

The key to keeping the cold out is layering, and we recommend lots of layers that can be added and removed to control body temperature. Base layers can be thinner and tight to your skin to absorb any moisture from sweat. Middle layers should be somewhat baggy to trap air and create heat. Merino wool is one of the best materials for insulating and is naturally moisture-wicking. Other suitable materials for base layers include polyester.

What to wear on the plane to Lapland?

It’s absolutely fine to wear your normal winter clothes whilst travelling, but we do recommend taking a big warm coat for when you arrive in Lapland, though you won't be waiting long to be whisked off to your accommodation. 

What to wear for dinner in Lapland?

All the restaurants, cafes and bars in our resorts know that it is cold outside, so they keep their establishments nice and warm, therefore your normal winter outfits you would wear at home are perfectly fine - however, do remember you will need to wear warm, thermal clothing outside. 

Are there any extra items to consider?

You might perhaps consider Sunglasses or Sun goggles. Though there is limited sunshine in Lapland, it can get quite bright so it is important to protect your eyes. In relation to that, a bit of sun cream is always a good idea.

Can you hire base layers for Lapland?

Yes. This is the most efficient way to obtain clothing for this trip as these may not be something you already own and may not be something you use again. Therefore hiring your base layers is not only the perfect solution but it is also more environmentally friendly. Inghams Lapland is in partnership with EcoSki who are a fantastic ski clothing company who hire out items of all styles, sizes and fashion. Read more about EcoSki on how they started and why it makes sense to rent. They offer everything from Thermals, Fleece Jackets, Salopettes to hats and gloves so you can source everything from one place for all of your travel group. 


Now you know everything there is to know about staying warm, you can enjoy your Lapland holiday to the fullest.

Best times to visit Lapland: 

The best times of year to visit Lapland and to make the most out of this amazing holiday is between December and February. This is when Lapland has the freshest snow, the animals come alive and of course and Santa is busy at work.

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