Responsible Walking

Your Guide to Responsible Walking

responsible walking

We love stepping out into the great outdoors. Fresh air, stunning views, it's the perfect escape!

But as we wander these beautiful trails, let's remember to be gentle explorers. Leaving no trace and keeping the trails just as beautiful as we found them.

Do you want to be a Rambling Robin Hood, protecting the countryside for future generations?

Read on for some responsible walking tips.


Why Responsible Walking Matters

As walkers, we’re already ahead of the curve in reducing our carbon footprint compared to other forms of travel. But there’s more to it than just the miles we clock.

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By treading lightly and respecting nature, we ensure that future generations can enjoy the same wonders we do today.

It’s about preserving habitats, protecting wildlife, and leaving the trails better than we found them.

Nobody wants to be stuck behind a ‘Trail Troll’, leaving litter and mayhem.

Even the Slightest Step Can Have an Impact

Remember, when you’re out and about in the great outdoors, you’re essentially walking into Mother Nature’s home.

So, stick to the paths and mind the signs. Be a polite house guest. Don’t go wandering off the path and rearranging her furniture and messing up her décor. Not only does it lead to erosion, but it also affects habitats and ecosystems.

So try to keep her place just as beautiful as you found it.



Before You Hit The Trail

Find Out About Your Destination’s Pocket of Nature

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Get the inside scoop on your destination’s wildlife wonders. Read up on the creatures that call this place ‘home’ as well as species that may be under threat. Know what’s distinctive to the local area and what to look out for.

Gear Up Responsibly

responsible walking holidays

Did you know that every year, millions of jackets, boots, specialised trousers and equipment are bought, only to end up in landfill? Outdoor fashion may be all the rage, but let’s not turn Mother Nature into a runway casualty.

This is having a big impact on nature and biodiversity. Be part of the solution by choosing nature-friendly fabrics wherever possible, from companies that care about their impacts.

You can find lots of second-hand gear in great condition on pre-loved websites such as Ebay and Vinted, as well as on local online forums.

If you’re feeling extra thrifty, consider renting gear or borrowing from friends and family. Sharing is caring.

Remember, a little TLC for your gear goes a long way, not just for the planet, but for your wallet too.

Be sure to look after your gear – repair tears, wash according to instructions and treat it with love – the longer it lasts the better for the planet and for your pocket.

And when it's time to part ways, don’t bin it - pass it on.

Single Use Plastic Not Included

Avoid using single use plastics and try taking a reusable water bottle, coffee cup and shopping bag. This way, you’ll reduce the amount of waste you’ll generate on holiday.

Plus, you’ll look the part of a true nature-lover, and waste warrior.

Rally for Rail

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Trade wings for rails and take nature’s line to the great outdoors. Train travel is available from London St Pancras to some of our resorts in France, Italy, Austria and Switzerland, making it easy for you to choose a lower impact holiday.

This is your green light to travel differently. Forget the queues and waiting, simply hop on, stretch out, and enjoy the incredible scenery. Plus, with more legroom every mile covered is a relaxing experience.

It’s the only form of travel where the coffee comes with a side of panoramic views.

View Our Walking Holidays by Train


When You Get There

Walk with Local Guides

responsible walking in europe

Walk with local guides. From taking you on must-see trails, to sharing their love for nature and respect for the local landscapes, you’ll get the inside scoop on your holiday destination. And how best to respect it.

View Our Guided Walks

Don’t Climb Fences

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You’re on a walking holiday, not in an Indiana Jones movie. Fences are there for a reason, they aren’t there to test your high jump skills.

We want to keep fences intact and respect the local surroundings.

Instead, opt for gates ( kindly shut them behind you), stiles, or ladders.

Clicks Over Picks

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Love nature? Feel free to fill your memory card, not your pockets. When it comes to the locals - plants, flowers, seeds - you’ll need to practice hands-off admiration.

Leave nature to thrive.

Leave Nothing Behind

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Walk with a small reusable bag for any rubbish you may generate.

Never leave litter behind. This includes apple cores, toilet roll, banana skins and fruit peelings. Even biodegradable items can take years to decompose, and, in the meantime, they can negatively impact wildlife.

Even better, if you see rubbish, pick it up and take it away with you to dispose of properly.

Respect The Wildlife

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If you’re lucky enough to spot some local wildlife while you’re out and about, remember: they’re the stars of the show, so give them the red carpet treatment they deserve.

Never feed or touch grazing animals and keep a safe distance away, keeping noise to a minimum as you pass. No autographs.

Be Wise with Water

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The stunning landscapes around you will act as a reminder that reducing what we ‘take’ from nature’s precious resources is now more important than ever before.

Use water carefully – take showers rather than baths, don’t leave taps running, say ‘no’ to daily towel changes and try to use nature-friendly toiletries when possible.

Visit Local Museums

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Many places will have dedicated areas to celebrate and inform visitors about the local nature.

Why not show your support? Indulge your curiosity and drop by to learn more about the wonders of the area’s wildlife and landscape.

It’s a chance to connect with nature in a whole new way and show appreciation for the environment that surrounds you.

Ask Questions

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Be curious and ask questions. Locals love sharing their insider tips about the places they call home.

By showing an interest, you’ll unlock a treasure trove of information that’ll stick with you long after your holiday.

Plus, you can share the stories with others once back home.

Lessen Your Impact

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As you witness the wonders of nature first-hand, remember that we’re all in this together.

The effects of the climate crisis are being felt by all destinations and communities around the world. Seeing nature up close is a reminder to us that we can all play our part.

Be mindful of your energy use in your hotel, and choose energy-efficient options in your accommodation.

You can also opt for local and sustainable dining choices, and make a point to follow local recycling guidelines.


Making a Difference Beyond Your Holiday

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Don't let your green spirit fade post-holiday. Why not look into nature-based charities and pick one to back with your support.

Alternatively, seek out local initiatives, whether they're in your travel destinations or closer to home, that could benefit from a helping hand.

Every effort, whether it's volunteering your time or making donation, plays a crucial role in protecting the wildlife and landscapes that make our planet unique.

We've Partnered With Rewilding Britain

At Inghams, we’re all about giving Mother Nature a helping hand. And it’s no secret we love the great outdoors - we’ve been outdoor lovers since 1934.

Our purpose has always been simple, to help get you out there and join us, to explore and soak up your surroundings - one step at a time.

This is why we’ve teamed up with Rewilding Britain. Rewilding Britain is the only organisation across the UK that focuses on rewilding. It aims to restore ecosystems to a state where nature can sustain itself and re-establish our bond with the natural world.

We share their passion for restoring nature in the UK and lowering our carbon footprint. Our goal is to support Rewilding Britain in their efforts and to learn from them about new and innovative ways to help rewild Britain.


Share Your Stories & Inspire Others

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Do you have a story to tell about the landscapes and wildlife you’ve stumbled upon?

Spread the word about the stunning landscapes and the fascinating wildlife that needs protecting.

Inspire others to become nature ninjas and help keep our landscapes sparkling.

Let’s keep the great outdoors great.

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