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A Santa experience for all the family

Christmas is that time of year when magic comes alive for our children. Festive decorations, twinkling lights and Christmas carols all build the excitement for Christmas Day. 

Children proudly post their Christmas lists off to Santa, hoping they reach him in time for Christmas Eve and repeatedly asking you ‘When is Santa coming?’ 

Santa Breaks offers a special chance to show your children not only where Santa, his elves and the reindeer actually live, but to also hand-deliver those all-important letters and meet the man himself. 

Imagine their faces, when you whisk them off for a magical holiday they will certainly never forget, where the land is snowy, the stars shine brighter than anywhere else and festive spirit fills the air. 

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A day by the fireplace - Lapland life



You step off the plane, all huddled together as the crisp cool reaches your cheeks, but no fear, the Inghams team are on hand with thermal suits and boots to wrap you up warm.

Arriving at your accommodation, the fires are lit and the Christmas trees twinkle from the corners of the room - the magic begins. Once you’ve explored your space for the next few days and your children have checked every corner and shelf for any signs of elves, it’s time to head off into the resort for some exploring.

December is the best time of year to experience the towns of Lapland, the streets are filled with lights, often including the buildings. The town centres always host a fantastically decorated Christmas tree. A couple of the resorts have Christmas markets on display during the festive season, with traditional Lappish huts filled with yummy treats, hot berry juice and handmade gifts.

On your first day, you soak up the surroundings of this enchanting but wild place. As you settle in for a cosy afternoon together by the fire to read books, play board games and drink hot chocolate, you sneak a peek of a deer roaming past your window.

Soak up the tradition that surrounds you and try a warming sauna - a popular pastime of the locals who believe saunas help heal your mind and body alike.

Finally, you tuck the children into bed, all cosy and warm as you discuss the anticipation of meeting Santa tomorrow. Whilst you lie together, chatting away, one of you points to the night sky… already filled with a billion stars, but now you also see a mesmerising green and purple haze starting to build and begin to dance across the sky - it’s the Northern Lights!

You know this is a night you and your little ones will all remember forever.

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A day with Santa - the Elves' Hideaway 



The day has finally arrived, and all the planning and waiting suddenly becomes more than worth it. Your children are beaming from ear to ear as you wrap them up warm ready for today's adventure.

It’s time to find Santa Claus!

Guided by the Inghams team, they lead the way to a secret hideaway, deep in the Lappish forest where only a snowy pathway guides you to Santa’s workshop.

You see his workshop, the glow from a warming fire lights up the windows - you’ve arrived at one very special destination!

Now, we can’t give away all of Santa’s secrets - you’ll have to see for yourself when you visit the workshop. Just don’t forget those all-important letters to pass to Santa when you and your family have a private meeting with the man himself.

The day is filled with festive fun that you can all enjoy. There are games to play with the elves, a chance to craft your own Christmas decorations, and even the opportunity to roast some sausages over an open fire for lunch. Let’s not forget some tobogganing or a game of snowy football.

As you wave goodbye to the elves and perhaps let your little ones rest their eyes on your journey back to the resort, you all feel exhausted from the day's events but there is a lingering sparkle from the magic.

Elves' Hideaway

A day of discovery - Excursions



Your final day in Lapland is the chance for you to indulge in all the activities that a winter wonderland has to offer.

You have to start the day with Husky Sleddging. The Huskies are excited and ready to run through the forest at full pace, so make the most of this and enjoy the thrill.

After you’ve stopped for a warming hot chocolate, change the pace and snuggle up together under a blanket, cosy in a sleigh as you are led around the fells by the majestic reindeer. It’s a chance to relax, take in the sights and chat about your holiday.

After some hearty lunch, it’s worth giving skiing or snowboarding a try in Lapland. No matter if you are a novice or a pro, Lapland has some beautiful, wide and well-groomed slopes that you can glide down at whatever pace best suits you.
As a beginner, it’s an exhilarating winter sport to try, with local ski lessons, easy lifts and minimal people on the slopes.
If you are at an advanced level of skiing or snowboarding, make the most of going off-piste or you’ll even find the odd black run to test yourself with.

End the day on a high by jumping on a snowmobile. These are not only a fun way to get around but also provide the opportunity to chase the infamous Northern Lights and get a fantastic view of nature at its finest. A perfect way to end a perfect holiday.

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A day to feast - Festive celebration



Sadly it's time to pack, but before you go, there is one more celebration to be had - a festive feast.

Gather together for the dinner of all Christmas dinners and enjoy the final evening with food and music, including a disco!

Dance the night away before heading off to bed and counting how many sleeps it is until Christmas Day.

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