Where to see the Northern Lights this winter


The Aurora Borealis – better known as the Northern Lights – regularly tops ‘bucket lists’ as one of the travel events you most want to experience during your lifetime. We all enjoy an exhilarating holiday out in the open - whether you're skiing down a mountain or show-shoeing up one, it's nice to take a moment, stop, look up and appreciate the magic of sky. 

Caused by electrons colliding with the Earth’s atmosphere, it's possible to see the Northern Lights in some parts Great Britain. But for the best chances to see this spectacular phenomenon, you need to travel much further north.

If you want to hunt down this natural wonder, here's a handy guide to resorts you can visit for the best chance to witness this extraordinary event.


Levi, Finland

Northern Lights

Finland is a fantastic destination to see the Northern Lights thanks to its proximity to the Arctic Circle. Home of more than just Santa Claus, Lapland has a number of destinations that provide fantastic opportunities to see the lights. The resort of Levi is a great choice.

From here you can spend an evening in a thermal glass igloo. Its a great chance to see the Lights in a romantic Finnish setting, and an unforgettable experience. Levi also offers enjoyable winter safaris with reindeer, huskies, and snowmobiles, making it a great destination for the whole family.

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Ylläs, Finland

Northern Lights

There’s nothing like a relaxing winter break in Ylläs. Situated in an untouched national park, this destination is ideal for those who want to experience the Northern Lights in luxury.

The surrounding area is renowned for its clear skies and minimal light pollution, making it an ideal location for witnessing the Aurora. Other activities include reindeer, husky and snowmobile safaris. Or watch from the Snowhotel, where you can choose to spend a night during your stay.

Witnessing the Northern Lights doesn’t have to simply be a dream. Make the fantasy a reality by taking a trip to Finland, and savour the other-worldly beauty of this unforgettable phenomenon.

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