Insider’s Guide: Winter Weddings in Lapland

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For anyone who has ever been dreaming of the ultimate white wedding in a winter wonderland wedding paradise, you can now turn your dream into a reality. A wedding in magical Lapland, surrounded by friends and family, is an occasion to cherish for a lifetime. And what could be more romantic than a snowy landscape, star-studded night skies and perhaps a dazzling light snow provided by the mesmerizing Northern Lights?

We offer a wide selection of venues in Levi and Ylläs; including a choice of ice chapels decorated with beautifully illuminated ice art, or a fell-top location in a Northern Lights Lodge, and even the possibility of arriving at your wedding in a reindeer-drawn sleigh or by private snowmobile. The day can then be followed by a memorable overnight stay for the bridal couple in a luxury thermal glass igloo, or several days in a cosy log cabin, complete with en suite sauna and open fireplace.

Inghams has worked closely with Sun and Snow Weddings, a Lapland wedding specialist with over 10 years and 800 weddings experience, for several Winters. The wonderful owners, Ruth and Lari Niemi, are a British/Finnish couple who are as passionate as we are ourselves about making your dream a reality. 

They know all our properties and the venues for your wedding ceremony intimately, and they will be your point of contact for arranging all your wedding details. They handle all the legalities and paperwork with you, and one of their expert team will be with you of course throughout your big day.

Whether travelling just as couples or with larger groups of family and friends, our winter wonderland weddings in Lapland are offered as:

  • 3 or 4-night short breaks in December
  • 7-night activity holidays at any time from early December to end of February

By booking your wedding with Inghams, you will be able to reserve direct non-stop flights to Lapland from 3 UK airports, as well as guaranteeing your choice of our carefully hand-picked portfolio of accommodation, including cosy high-quality log cabins and apartments, luxury suites and excellent value spa hotels. We can also help you arrange a memorable stay for all your guests included a wide choice of excellent value snow adventures for the whole group.  

Our dedicated Lapland Wedding specialist will guide you through each step of the way. 

Thanks to the pick-n-mix style of all the different wedding options from choice of ceremony (religious vs. civil), choice of ceremony venue, choice of reception venue and choice of honeymoon suite, you can have the winter wonderland wedding that you and your partner have been dreaming of...

(We would like to thank Anne & Jane and Victoria & Scott for sharing their photos with us).

We are now taking bookings for the 2020/21 season. Time to start planning and looking forward to your snow-white wedding in Lapland!


In a Glittering Ice Chapel

Glittering ice palace

In the style of true glamour and luxury, you can now live out your dream fairy tale white wedding in a glittering and fabulous Ice Chapel. The snow and ice chapel, a staggering feat of engineering, is lit up with a thousand twinkling lights and flickering flames that dance off the glistening ice art work on the walls, and your walk down the aisle, surrounded by candles, will be the one your family and friends remember forever.

The ice chapel is truly like no other place on earth and its design changes every year, and is the set up for a unique wedding with snow and ice underfoot. Approximately room for 60 guests, the interior of the chapel comes with the possibility of personalisation (to an extent), allowing you to tailor-make your dream ice palace wedding. You could include centre pieces, reindeer hides and warm blankets to keep your guests warm, as well as candles, music and more.


Under the Fiery Northern Lights

Under the fiery Northern Lights

Witnessing the dancing and stunning Northern Lights in the snowy white north sit on plenty of peoples’ bucket lists as one of the key things they want to witness during their lives.

It’ll be a whole experience combined. A union with your partner for life, while witnessing an once-in-a-lifetime phenomenon is something that fairytales and stories are made from. Even if the lights don’t make an appearance, gazing up at the star studded night skies in all their crystal clarity is a fantastic start to your lifetime together.

The ceremony can take place in several different places where an uninterrupted view of the Northern Lights is possible as you exchange your vows including a fell-top Northern Lights viewing lodge, a cosy traditional kota tucked into the snowy wilderness, or a glass-roofed igloo.


An Intimate, Fireside Affair...

An intimate fireside affair

In a small, intimate wooden cabin tucked away into the great wilderness of Lapland, you can spend your special day in this cosy space surrounded by your closest loved ones, a thousand flickering candles, next to a roaring fire while you exchange your vows and perhaps even step outside to see the dancing Northern Lights.

A traditional Sami kota hut is a shaped with a pointed roof and features a mesmerising open fire hearth at the centre of it all. Perfect for cuddling under a blanket with your new partner after the ceremony, while the snow falls outside across an untouched wilderness landscape.

Perfect for those who are looking for a winter and Christmas themed wedding, and even better for those who just want a small and intimate ceremony and away from the hustle and bustle of reality.


Add Some Special Guests!

Anyone who knows a thing or two about Lapland probably also knows that a certain, furry, four-hoofed friend is never far away...

Add some special guests

You can have a grand entrance to your wedding in a sleigh pulled by a reindeer (enough room for 2 adults, or 2 adults and 1 child), while wrapped up warm in furs and blankets. If you have children at the ceremony and reception, they will absolutely delight in the occasion!


Add some special guests

Or perhaps you would much rather a husky sled entry to your wedding! However you want to show up to the ceremony, be it reindeer sleigh, husky sled, or even a snowmobile train, we can tailor-make your wedding to suit your interests.

You can also arrange for your guests to enjoy reindeer sleigh rides after the ceremony so everyone gets a chance to meet Rudolf the reindeer and capture some magical wedding photographs.


A Reception to Remember...

A reception to remember

Many of these fantastic Lapland wedding venues might be a little too small to hold a proper reception dinner or party in following the ceremony, but there is a variety of alternative venues for the wedding party to travel to.

For a particularly cool wedding reception, you could host the party in the Ice Bar, where classically ice cold cocktails are served. Lit up with cool colours and frosty surfaces glittering, your celebratory champagne will always stay frosty!

If a romantic candlelit dinner is what you want for the evening of your wedding, then the Snow Village offers a log cabin restaurant as an alternative venue for those who are seeking something a little cosier. Serving delicious traditional, yet contemporary Lapland cuisine, the restaurant is a great destination for a wedding feast!

The Panorama restaurant in Levi has a function room overlooking its ski resort for you and your bridal party. It’s possible to arrange a spread with your chosen theme across it; whether you’re after an icy winter wonderland theme with candles, icy blues, crystals and silver trimmings... or perhaps you’re looking for a cosy Christmas theme with plenty of warm reds, spruce twigs, rich golden candlelight and a roaring fire.

There are a further selection of restaurants and venues across the area that can prepare wedding reception parties for smaller numbers, including a cosy Christmas-cabin themed reception in a Sami kota hut, complete with a roaring fire and the snowy wilderness beyond, or a comfortable yet traditional Lapland dinner for your closest friends and family.


A Romantic Retreat...

The famous glass-roofed igloos at Levi give you a chance of seeing the Northern Lights from your bed, and you can fall asleep gazing up at the starry night sky. But they also provide extremely comfortable, warm, private accommodation with a bathroom in the igloo and a small kitchenette.

A log cabin or apartment is the ultimate love nest with a warm bed, roaring open fire place, champagne and your own private sauna. And outside, you’ll be surrounded by the glittering white snow.


For those who really want to try something different then the magnificent Ice Hotel gives you the opportunity to sleep underneath furs and thermal blankets in a chamber entirely made up of ice and illuminated with sparkling reflective lights. Every year the unique snow and ice artwork inside the hotel is unique, so no two visits are the same and couples that brave the icy chambers at night are treated to a morning sauna!

Alternatively we have suites in excellent value spa hotels and family log cabins to suit your needs whatever the size of your group.

Please give our wedding coordinators a call today to make your winter wedding dream come true - 01483 79 11 01.

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