Wonders of the Wildlife in Lapland

There is something very magical about Lapland, be it the clear, crisp blue skies in the day or the glowing, wondrous Northern Lights at night. However, it can’t be denied that the wildlife that lives here are just as magical themselves - so magical, some are known for helping Santa pull his sleigh. 

Whether you choose to visit Lapland for a spectacular husky ride or to get close to and feed a carrot to a reindeer, these unique creatures consider the snowy world of Lapland their home. 

Therefore, we at Inghams Lapland are determined to make sure that your future families can still visit this wonderful place and the wildlife that resides here, so join us in our sustainable journey in ensuring this is the case and help us to prevent further climate change. 

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Along our road towards sustainable tourism, we have been working with EcoSki, a brand that specialises in rental ski clothes for all. This clever solution means not only can you re-create your look on the slopes each season, but also not need to worry about the washing when you return. This clever solution also helps the environment, by reducing greenhouse gases, reducing the creation of non-recyclable plastics and reducing the amount of waste sent to landfill. 

All this helps towards protecting the places we love to visit and the animals we love to see there. Making a small change to how we embark on our winter holiday trips can make a big impact on the planet, and in turn help preserve the wonders of the wildlife we get to interact with today.


Here are a few top tips that are super easy and can fit into your day to day whilst on holiday (or at home) that will help you on your sustainable journey: 

- Support local economies on location - yes, its a more sustainable option but it also feels great to help support local communities.

- Opt for one of your activities to be an eco-friendly option (such as snowshoeing in Lapland).

- Don't get us wrong, we know we all appreciate great food, but we can be more food conscious just by trying to reduce food waste.

- We all love a long, hot shower after a day of activities, but lets try to conserve water, (get clean of course but then get warm and cosy by the fire instead in Lapland).

- Leave the location better than how you found it, pick up that bit of litter and pop it in the bin. It will make you feel better and the place look better to.

- Travel with a re-usable bottle / thermos so you aren't always needing to purchase new, plastic or paper cups (a thermos will be perfect for some warming hot chocolate in Lapland).

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