Winter Wonderland


Lapland in winter is a magical experience, a scenic winter wonderland located deep inside the Arctic Circle and blanketed in snow from December to April. Reindeer far outnumber people here, and snow-laden trees form bizarre sculptures in a vast and silent landscape. At night you have a good chance to see the mesmerising Northern Lights shimmering in a star-studded sky. By day there are exhilarating reindeer, husky and snowmobile safaris.

For some visitors the months of December and January are the most evocative, when the blue twilight of ‘Kaamos’ envelops the arctic landscape and days pass in a palette of rose-coloured dawns and dusks. For others it is the long sunny days of March and April, already longer than back home, when snow crystals sparkle in the sunlight and nature is bathed in a surreal orange glow. Whichever time you choose to travel, Lapland offers a refreshingly different experience for families and couples alike, with direct flights from three different UK airports, short transfer times, and the chance to visit Santa – of course.


 Pre-bookable Excursions



Visit Santa at Santapark
(6th December - 2nd January)

Santapark is an impressive indoor theme park and underground grotto located on the Arctic Circle.
We include a private meeting with Santa in his workshop and a special signed souvenir. Children receive an Elf School diploma and decorate gingerbread at Mrs Santa’s bakery. Also included are the Four Seasons Magic Train, Gigantic Snow Globe, dance show, Santa’s Post Office, Ice Gallery and bar, and the Arctic Circle Crossing ice arch.

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Santa -secret

Santa’s Secret Home
(Available all winter*)

On this uncommercialised trip, we visit a secret magical candlelit location where children have a private meeting with Santa. Activities vary by resort and typically include Elf School for kids with colouring and drawing, outdoor games, warm juice and Christmas cookies, and sausage frying on an open fire.
*The dates of operation vary from resort to resort. Details are given in the ‘Prebookable Excursions and Safaris’ box on the individual resort pages.

Reindeer Safari BIG

Reindeer, Husky and Snowmobile Safaris

Take a journey around your resort on one of our safaris. Travel by reindeer on a magical sleigh ride, be pulled by husky through a breathtaking winter wonderland or take an exhilerating guided ride through unspoiled winter wonderland scenery on a snowmobile.

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Glass -igloo

Winter Wonderland Activities

Pre-bookable Activities

  • Lainio Snow Hotel overnight (for Ylläs & Levi guests)
  • Sleep under the stars (and maybe the Northern Lights) in a thermal glass igloo (for Levi & Saariselkä guests)
    Bookable Locally Only
  • Visit Lainio Snow Village & Snow Hotel (for Ylläs & Levi guests)
  • Snowshoeing safari
  • Ice-fishing
  • Tobogganing
  • Gold-panning
  • Lappish Evenings
  • Ice-karting

See your Inghams Rep for details.

Sami BIG

Sámi Culture

These colourful local indigenous people still largely depend on reindeer husbandry, fishing and hunting as a way of life. They combine these traditional livelihoods with tourism services, including operating our reindeer safaris and producing beautiful jewellery and handicrafts. The Sámi are particularly prevalent in our Lapland resort of Saariselkä where an excursion to the fascinating Siida Museum and Northern Lapland Nature Centre in the Sámi village of Inari should not be missed.

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Winter Wonderland Big

See the Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis)

Senior NASA scientists heralded the peak of the current solar cycle, producing the best displays of this natural phenomenon for more than a decade, with strong displays expected to continue over the next couple of winters.

See below for more information and our recommendations on making the most of your best chance to see this natural wonder!

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Winter Walks Snow-Shoeing

Winter Walks & Snow-shoeing

All our chosen resorts have cleared winter walking paths, and as all are set in the midst of open country, it is quick and easy to walk out of the resprt itself, and set forth into the beauty of Lapland's forests, fells, frozen lakes and rivers. For exploring the wilderness off the beaten track and in deeper powder snow, snow-shoes are widely available to hire, and easy to use. As such, they are ideal for getting to more remote areas, particularly if you are looking for wildlife or just enjoy the peace and stillness of the forest , and a wide variety of expertly guided snow-shoe walks are available.

Cross Country Skiing

Cross Country Skiing

If you ever wanted to try cross-country skiing, Lapland is the best place to do it. It is physically no harder than walking on some of the flat, easy, well-marked trails, and the equipment is modern, light, and easy to use. There are short looped tracks and longer scenic journeys, all carefully prepared, with signs along the way. Beginners can get expert instruction, there's no lift pass needed and you can fully immerse yourself in the wonderful scenery and get a good workout at the same time. All our resorts have extensive trails, many of which are also lit at night.

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Glass Igloos

Glass Igloo Excursions

Glass igloos are unique to Lapland. Unlike anywhere else in the world, it is difficult to fully enjoy the beauty and majesty of the untouched Arctic Circle in Northern Finland at night due to the cold. We offer our guests the opportunity to stay in one of these igloos as an excursion for 1 night during their holiday to either Levi or Saariselkä.

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Brit's Bucket List Behaviours

Brit's Bucket List Behaviours

Travelling is top of the bucket list for Brits.

What’s on your bucket list? If you don’t have one, get started putting one together, with our Bucket List 'insider's guide'.

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Muotka Wilderness Lodge

Muotka 7 Night Adventure

Spend 7 nights in Muotka, near Saariselkä as part of our New Northern Lights Adventure Weeks.

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Muotka 2-Centre Adventure

Muotka 2-Centre Adventure

Spend 4 nights in Saariselkä and 3 nights in Muotka, near Saariselkä as part of our New Northern Lights Adventure Weeks.

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