Travelling is top of the Bucket List for Brits


Travelling is top of the bucket list for Brits, as well as buying a house and getting married.

More than half of our survey respondents said to travel was their number one life goal, with more than three quarters putting a visit to the Northern Lights as their most desired excursion.


If you aren’t familiar with the term ‘bucket list’, it’s basically a to-do list of the experiences and dreams you aspire to accomplish during your lifetime.


Two thirds of respondents believe being a pet owner is the best thing they have ticked off their list so far, claiming that a furry friend brings the greatest sense of fulfilment. Buying a house and getting married were also considered two of the top achievements.

So how do we build our bucket lists?

The main inspiration comes from looking at friends’ photos and their experiences: more than a third of people are influenced by this.

Travel magazines are also fuelling our wanderlust, with more than a quarter of people using them as inspiration for new adventures.

5-10 years

While 16% of Brits set a timescale of 10 years for completion, one in four Brits roll over their dream list every year and don’t complete it.

Northern Lights

However, almost half of respondents are hoping to tick off seeing the Northern Lights (something 73% of people placed at the top of their list) during winter 2016.


The numbers show that teaming up on your dreams can make them come true: a fifth of people in relationships plan their bucket list with their partner, and figures reveal that married couples are more likely to tick off their list than single people.

While you might consider striving for fitness excellence to be a must-do for many, 66% said that this wouldn’t make it on the final line-up.

What’s on your bucket list? If you don’t have one, get started putting one together, and maybe include a couple of one-in-a-lifetime trips to satisfy your travel cravings – try a winter safari, glass igloo experience, or Lapland adventure for starters!

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