Lake Constance, Germany

Undiscovered lake region covering 3 countries

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Lake Constance
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Lake Constance is one of the largest lakes in Europe, covering a total area of approx. 220 square miles. The lake shares its shores with 3 countries - Germany, Switzerland and Austria- and enjoys an exceptionally mild climate with palm trees, exotic plants and flowers growing effortlessly. The beautiful city of Constance, small Bavarian island town of Lindau and the village of Lochau, just over the Austrian border are at the southern tip, all linked by boat or train service. The large ‘White Fleet’ of lake steamers regularly tour the waters, stopping at a seemingly endless selection of romantic towns and historical sights. There is plenty to discover in this region, with excursions also into Switzerland and further into Austria. Guests can soak up the sun on a lake cruise, enjoy a fresh fish lunch or delicious ice cream in the one of old towns, visit one of the plentiful cultural museums or simply relax in one of the hotel’s terrace or gardens.

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Constance is the largest town on the lake and is perfectly situated to explore this beautiful region, just where the river Rhine meets the lake. The town has a fascinating history and a beautiful frescoed traffic-free old town with cobbled streets, brimming with shops, cafés and wine cellars.


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