8 Best Walks in The Dolomites

8 Best Walks in The Dolomites

We’re sharing the best walks in the Dolomites, for views so breath-taking, they’ll knock your walking socks off. Hear that? It's the Dolomites calling. 

best walks in the dolomites

Walking in The Dolomites

Tucked away in northeast Italy, the Dolomites are Europe’s best-kept secret - only they aren’t so secret because they’re too beautiful to keep under wraps.

With charming villages lifted straight from a storybook, mountain huts scattered across lush green hills, and cable cars zipping you up to cloud-kissing peaks - it’s the ultimate playground for nature lovers.

Magical, charming, and just waiting to be explored. Whether you’re a fan of walking, cycling, mountain biking, e-biking, or historic tours and wine tastings (yes please), the Dolomites has it all. Plus, it’s got the UNESCO seal of approval, so you know it's special.

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The Dolomites are what every walker's dreams are made of – and then some. Imagine paths criss-crossing everywhere, linking charming little towns and hidden hamlets.

A trip to the Dolomites is all about those amazing views. Lots of postcard worthy sights are yours for the taking, simply by hitting the trails. And thanks to a fantastic network of lifts, accessing the mountain tops is a breeze.

If you go for a walk at sunrise, you’ll see the mountains light up with a beautiful red glow. They say the early bird catches the worm, but here, the only thing you're catching is a stunning view.

Are you ready to step into Europe's most awe-inspiring mountain range? Here’s our guide to the best walks in the Dolomites.

Our 8 Best Walks in The Dolomites

Panascharte to the Seceda | Pic Mountain | Round the Sassolungo Group | The Church of Santa Giuliana | Moena to Soreda | Lake Fedaia and Rifugio | Merano 2000m to Stoanerne | Tappeinerweg Trail | Sissi’s Path


Panascharte to the Seceda

best walks in the dolomites

Grade: Easy to moderate

Length: 8 kilometres

Highlight: Views of the Odle peaks

Where: Selva

Starting with a scenic cable car ride in Ortisei, this walk takes you to the breathtaking Seceda. At 2,519 meters, it offers spectacular views of the Odle Group. Remember, it's a hotspot in summer, so an early start is your best bet to avoid crowds.


Pic Mountain

walking in the dolomites

Type: Moderate

Length: 7 kilometres

Highlight: 360-degree views

Where: Selva

Feel like you're on top of the world at Pic Mountain. The walk starts from Santa Cristina, passing through Sëurasas, and leads you to a panoramic feast at Mount Pic.


Round the Sassolungo Group

best walks in the dolomites

Type: Challenging

Length: 17 kilometres

Highlight: Stunning landscapes

Where: Selva

Gear up for an adventurous journey starting with the Ciampinoi lift. You'll traverse through the mesmerizing rock formations of the stone city, reaching the Passo Sella.

The Friedrich August path will offer you breathtaking views of Seiser Alm, Europe's largest and highest alpine pasture.


The Church of Santa Giuliana

dolomites walks

Type: Easy-Moderate

Length: 2.7km Highlight: Medieval church and art

Where: Canazei

From the 13th Century Santa Giuliana church, boasting 15th Century frescoes, to the tranquil Austro-Hungarian war cemetery, this walk is a blend of history, art, and serene nature.


Moena to Soreda

best walks in the dolomites

Type: Moderate

Length: 6km

Highlight: Diverse landscapes

Where: Canazei

This route takes you through the stunning Val di Fassa, offering a mix of rugged peaks and lush meadows. It's a fantastic way to immerse yourself in the local beauty.


Lake Fedaia and Rifugio Castiglioni Marmolada

dolomite walks

Type: Easy-Moderate

Length: 5.4km

Highlight: Lake views and alpine scenery

Where: Canazei

Begin at the Rifugio Fedaia and walk alongside the tranquil Lake Fedaia. End your walk at Rifugio Castiglioni Marmolada, where lunch with a view awaits.


Merano 2000m to Stoanerne

Walking in the Dolomites

Type: Challenging

Highlight: Stone figures akin to Stonehenge

Where: Merano

This unique route leads you to over 100 small stone figures around the mountain cross of Schöneck. Plus, don't miss the South Tyrolean hut delights at Möltner Kaser.


Tappeinerweg Trail

Tappeinerweg Trail

Type: Easy

Length: 4km

Highlight: Flora diversity

Where: Merano

Starting from Merano centre, this trail is a botanical wonderland, with palms, magnolias, olive trees, and floral wonders. A true photographer's paradise!


Sissi's Path

best walks in the dolomites

Type: Easy

Length: 3.2km

Highlight: Walk past the famous statue of Sissi (Empress Elisabeth of Austria)

Where: Merano

A historical treat connecting the Gardens of Trauttmansdorff Castle with Merano’s city centre. Follow the footsteps of Empress Elisabeth of Austria along this scenic path.


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