Drinks with a view - where is your favourite spot?

Drinks with a view

We all enjoy a refreshing beverage after a long day, whether it’s alcoholic or not, it always hits the spot. We’ve been chatting to our product team and have asked them to reminisce about their favourite places they’ve enjoyed a ‘drink with a view’.  

It doesn’t hurt to dream does it? Where would you like your next ‘drink with a view’ to be?



Schafbergspitze, Schafberg Mountain, St. Wolfgang

Neil Lodge, Austria Product Manager

“My favourite ‘drink with a view’ has to be in St. Wolfgang.  You can take the Cog railway up to the top of Schafberg Mountain, once you reach the summit at 1783m, you get a stunning 360-degree view of the lake district below. There’s a couple of places to choose from for a drink. Hotel Schafbergspitze is my go to, a wiener schnitzel and a glass of cold Stiegl, never fails to hit the spot!”

Schafberg Mountain




Hotel Le Cottage, Talloires

Melvin Westlake, France Product Manager

“That’s a hard one, but if you were to force my hand it would have to be Hotel Le Cottage in Talloires, it’s one of the best spots around for a sundowner. It’s on the side of Lake Annecy, with the Aravis Mountains behind you and views of the sunny side of the lake looking across to the Semnoz mountain and watching the colourful paraponts above the lake. It is very hard to beat. With a glass of Appremont -  a delicious local crisp white wine, in my hand and these amazing views, I’m in my element.”

Views of Lake Annecy




Eagle’s Nest, Berchtesgaden

Luke Starnes, Product Executive

“I’m a big history buff and so my favourite ‘drink with a view’ has to be the Eagle’s Nest in Berchtesgaden in Germany. The history behind this place is unbelievable. After D-Day, the Allies stormed through Europe, and one of the big targets was the infamous Eagle’s Nest. It’s at 6000 feet in the Alps, and was a key meeting place for the Nazis. In 1960, the German government took control of it again, along with the problem of what to do with it. Sometimes the simplest solutions are best – so they turned it into a beer garden and restaurant. To sit in a place so rich in history really blew my mind, it was pretty chilly up top when I visited, but a glass of Glühwein sorted me right out!”

Eagle's Nest




I Russuri Bar, Sicily, Italy

Laura Mason, Italy Product Manager

“This is a no brainer for me, I love a sunset and so my favourite place for a drink with a view is I Russuri Bar at the Therasia Resort in Sicily.  It’s a 5-star hotel with 5-star views. You can sit on the terrace and watch the sunset over the Aeolian islands, best enjoyed in my opinion with a glass of the local Malvasia wine.”

I Russuri Bar, Sicily




Cider Orchards, Ulvik

Chloe Lovell, Product Executive

“I’m a cider girl, so when I got the chance to visit the cider farm in Ulvik, I was in heaven! Walking through the apple orchards and learning about how the cider is made, then being able to taste the finished product was simply the best way to enjoy my favourite drink”

Cider Orchards, Ulvik




Mala Osojnica, Lake Bled

Damjana Juricic, Slovenia Product Manager

“Born and bred in Slovenia, I always think fondly of my time in Lake Bled, so it has to be my favourite place to enjoy a drink with a view. Mala Osojnica is a hilltop viewpoint, I would often hike up there with friends and enjoy panoramic views over the beautiful lake. The best thing is you can take your own drinks and snacks and spend as long as you want up there, the rest and the wine was always welcomed!”

Mala Osojnica, Lake Bled


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